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Ruslan Ermakov

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Author: Natalia Moroz, deti.zp.ua
Published: 2023-01-18 14-10-00   Viewed, times: 461

Ruslan Ermakov
Ruslan Ermakov, 17.03.2016 the year of birth.

Diagnosis: Hydrocephalus, right-sided hemiparesis, epilepsy.

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Marina learned about the illness of the unborn child during pregnancy. 2 weeks before delivery, ultrasound showed hydrocephalus. The pregnancy went well, this news was a real shock. So, with the birth of Ruslanchik in 2016, a small family - a mother and two boys - began a long journey of treatment. In 2017, Ruslanchik underwent a brain operation at the Institute of Neurosurgery named.. Romodanov,, but excess fluid provoked epilepsy and mental retardation.

In 2022, Ruslan again had to undergo surgery. This time it was an Achilles tendon lengthening. The boy has right-sided hemiparesis. The right leg was shorter than the left and stood only on the toes. The operation corrected this a little, but physical therapy must be connected to consolidate the result. Consequently, Ruslanchik needs regular rehabilitation courses.

Marina: "Ruslan understands everything and even helps me. Assembles toys, tries to draw. He can eat and go to the toilet by himself. He loves it when his mother takes him everywhere with her! Loves sweets! In the summer, we go somewhere to swim: a pond or a river. Unfortunately, severe hypertonicity of the muscles of the right leg does not allow the child to move normally. In June 2022, we made an injection in the leg, which weakens the muscles and the foot becomes completely on the ground. Such an injection costs almost 216 $ and is performed once every 4-5 months. That is how long the action of the ego lasts in the muscles. At this time, I also do physical therapy with Ruslanchik. At home, as best I can. Because I really want him to be a full-fledged human being!"

Before the war, Rusyk lived with his mother and older brother Maksym in the Pologovsk district of the Zaporozhye region. Now they have moved to Zaporozhye to be safe. There is an opportunity to attend rehabilitation courses more often.

The cost of one rehabilitation course is 570 $.

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