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Gleb Razumnyy

Fundraising has stopped! We helped the family with the payment of the operation. Transferred $ 541. Thank you, friends, for helping the boy!

Author: Yana Lobanok, deti.zp.ua
Published: 2023-04-10 22-20-00   Viewed, times: 289

Gleb Razumnyy
Gleb Razumnyy, 07/14/2016 year of birth

Diagnosis: congenital radial club hand, hypoplasia of the first finger of the right hand; bilateral sensorineural deafness of the 4th degree; Congenital heart defect.

ATTENTION! AS OF 30/06/2023:: Fundraising has stopped! We helped the family with the payment of the operation. Transferred $ 541. Thank you, friends, for helping the boy!

Five years ago we helped Gleb buy a hearing aid. But deafness is not the only misfortune of the boy. Even at the embryonic stage of development, there was a failure in the development of bones. At birth, Gleb's right arm was folded in half between the elbow and wrist. Instead of two bones, there was only one in the forearm, and there was no thumb on the hand. The language of doctors is called "congenital radial club hand".

The correction of this pathology lasts Gleb's entire life. Eight surgeries, dozens of x-rays. His pen is almost constantly in plaster or hung with the Ilizarov apparatus - a metal structure for stretching and fixing the bone. Thanks to these not childish trials, it has already been possible to lengthen the arm by several centimeters, but this is not enough. Gleb was also formed the so-called "functional wrist" - they turned the second finger into the position of the first. This is a very important stage of treatment, because the thumb makes it possible to grab and hold objects.

Gleb Razumnyy

Last summer, Gleb underwent another operation, an implant was installed and plaster was applied. But after a while the boy fell unsuccessfully. There was a fracture, due to which a new implant had to be installed. Only now the x-ray study revealed a positive trend. The next operation is scheduled for May.

We usually release invoices when we fund medical treatment. But Gleb's situation is non-standard. Only on the operating table, when the surgeon sees the picture from the inside, it will be clear what to do next. This may be an osteotomy, again an implant or an Ilizarov apparatus. Therefore, we focus on the cost of preliminary interventions and set a goal to collect $ 541.

In September of this year, Gleb will become a first-grader. He diligently prepares for school, attends additional classes and does a lot of homework. But besides the ability to read and count, Gleb's right hand needs to work. This is what all surgical interventions are aimed at.

Please help the boy feel his hand in a meaningful way, feel its strength and freedom of movement!

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