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January 2, 2021, 20:00 1281 Author: Yuliya Pavlova www.deti.zp.ua The story of Yulia Pavlova, a volunteer of the Children's Eco-Village project

Hello friends!

My story of acquaintance with Happy Child Foundation and in general with the sphere of charity is very difficult and twisting.

On the one hand, I have always understood that it is necessary to help those in trouble, especially when it comes to children. On the other hand, my financial resources were almost always more than modest.

The story goes back to about 2008. I was then a young mother of two little boys. And from every Zaporozhye site, from every billboard, the eyes of seriously ill children, full of supplications, looked at me. I was angry with myself. I turned away and got angry again, because I understood that there was nothing to help me with. I tried on the role of parents of these children, and again got angry and turned away, I was not ready to accept such a reality. She hurt.

Once in the office of our pediatrician, I saw a hefty stack of cards. These were documents of children with cancer diagnoses. I could no longer ignore the existence of these children, but I still did not understand how I could be useful to them.

Years later, I learned that Happy Child not only rescues seriously ill children , but also organizes educational programs for children who were not very lucky at the start of life (orphans, children with special needs or children from low-income families). This area suited me perfectly. So I jumped into this boat. First, as a mother, then as a volunteer, and soon became the head of the tourist program "Klubok" .

Later I fell in love with another project - Children's eco-village for orphans. The idea fascinated me so much that I took the risk of fulfilling my old dream and became a foster mother. Physically, I could no longer lead the "Klubok", so I remained just a volunteer for the foundation.

Over the years, I realized that each of us can be useful. We can donate our time, money, talents for the benefit of children. My strengths turned out to be: the ability to feel someone else's pain, the ability to put my shoulder on time and the talent for telling honest stories.

On our site you can read a lot of my articles about life, problems, goals, tasks, dreams and achievements "Happy homes" for orphans, about hikes and travels of the tourist program "Tangle", about the difficulties faced by orphans, and why orphanages (boarding schools) are evil.

Sometimes, quite rarely, I start talking about seriously ill children. Because today I know that cancer is not a sentence, that you can live with any (so far) incurable disease. And our help with you can allow thousands of Zaporozhye children to live up to the invention of a medicine that will completely heal them. Often, it's just about the money.

PS. I am an ordinary living woman. I do not believe in any of the world religions, it is difficult for me to communicate with people live and, in general, I am not a very pleasant person to talk to. I can be harsh and rude, I boldly destroy stereotypes and go ahead to my goal. All these seemingly negative qualities help to make the life of Zaporozhye children better and longer.

And if I have already managed to apply myself in the field of charity, it means that each of you can be useful. It's easy to get started. You can subscribe to a regular donation, volunteer or even a staff member...

Join us, doing good deeds together is much more effective.

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