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Katya Prusenko: "Waiting with hope!"

January 31, 2011, 13:00 5612 Author: Inna Grigoryeva, translated by Elena Guda www.deti.zp.ua Katya’s dream differs from usual dreams of children of the same age. The girl hopes that one day a suitable donor’s kidney will be found for her and it will match her

Current news about Katya Prusenko: there is no matching donor yet... but the situation with the donor’s organ is such that it can appear any minute. Even at night. And in such a case… Kateryna will have to arrive at the transplantation center of Zaporozhye regional hospital urgently, within 5 hours. Katya lives with hope and listens to every ringing of the doorbell: what if this time the call is from the doctor and he will tell her “We’ve found a kidney for you, come immediately...".

We need to make a report: starting from the time we published on our website a request to help Katya we obtained donations for the sum of approximately 3000 UAH. Katya’s mother decided not to touch a single coin from this sum in order to save for future transplantation. But due to some conditions connected with hemodialysis (weekly visits to the Zaporozhye regional hospital from Veseloye village where Katya’s family live, difficulties with trips and the complicated procedure) it was necessary to prescribe peritoneal dialysis for the girl and this is done through the abdominal cavity. The process of dialysis through abdominal cavity is very simple and within short periods the patients usually learn to perform this procedure themselves. To be able to do this Katya had to undergo a small surgery on implantation of a peritoneal catheter. Now Katya and her mother are able to continue the treatment at home themselves coming to the dialysis center only once a month for monitoring. The solutions required for the procedure are supplied by the hospital.

All the savings of Lyudmila, Katya’s mother, which she managed to put away from Katya’s cash benefit as well as the most part of the money transferred as donations to the Lyudmila’s bank card were used to cover the expenses connected with the operation and purchase of related necessary things.

So now, while Katyusha is waiting for a donor’s organ we have to help her again: her parents should have at least 10 000 UAH at the moment of possible transplantation for purchasing medicines and consumables needed during the operation. Further expenses will depend upon the operation results and quality of engraftment of the donor’s organ.

At present Katyusha feels alright. She studies in the 10th grade of the secondary school (though it’s home teaching at present). The girl wants to catch up in the height with children of her age “to be level” with them. As the Katya’s growth zone is open yet, there is hope that after a successful transplantation of a well functioning kidney Katya’s organism growth will speed up and repair its lost so that the girl will be able to grow a bit more!

We ask you to do what you can for Katya. The kidney can be found any minute. If it matches Katya 100% then the operation must start within 5 hours! The operation itself is free of charge but it is necessary for Katya’s mother to have savings for medicines and possible emergency expenses connected with reanimation and intensive care to last them for at least several most important days after the operation!!!

Tel. of the Katya’s mother, Ludmila: +38 (096) 617-80-56

You can make a donation by transferring a sum to the bank account of Lyudmila, Katya’s mother. The bank attributes can be found on the page with the help request.

We appreciate your being not indifferent! We love you!

To obtain additional information you can always address the staff of the Happy Child foundation.

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