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Sophia Bulgak: Sunny days are so rare in winter; there’s no light when I look through my window

February 11, 2011, 10:00 2276 Author: Anna Zaharina, translated by Elena Guda Anna Zakharina, translated by Elena Guda Sophia needs our help very much

I was walking along the street today and suddenly came to realize that all the bullfinches had somehow disappeared from the city all together. It seems not long ago flocks of these bright red-chested birds chattered at each second mountain ash, but none of them can be seen now. Instead, crows that breed abundantly feel themselves absolute masters. They have a habit of sitting all over the trees constantly croaking. And I want so much to shout at them with all my might: “You shut up! You will never see the end of it! We shall break through anyway!”

This saving word is the first one to come to mind when learning about recurrent difficulties in the treatment of supported children. So even at the moments when the head is empty and no ideas flash on how in particular it is possible to help, one starts to repeat over and over again to spite all the misfortunes: WE SHALL BREAK TROUGH!

The following is a passage from a letter of Sophia Bulgak’s mother:

“Saying Hi to you from Germany! We have just come back from a consultation with professor Dienemann, working in the Haberger University thoracic clinic. Together with two professors - oncologists (Thomas, Kulozik) he thoroughly looked through all our examination results and advised us to perform a diagnostic operation (an endoscopic one) on one of the lungs which would allow for defining whether the metastases are alive or not. If not then no operations will follow. If they are alive then immediately thoracotomy will be performed and all the metastases will be ablated to the highest possible degree. This will be done in turn for both lungs. The cost of the first operation is 21 000 euro. If no operations follow after the diagnostic one then the cost is 16 000 euro. Sophia feels well; she has learned several German words. She does not know about the coming operation yet. Now we are trying to collect money as quick as it is possible. We turn to all our relatives, acquaintances and funds. We believe into the God’s mercy and hope to get help from good people.”

Contact information:

Nadezhda, the mother. Telephone in Germany: 00491774997648

Sergey, the father - +38 096 328 15 29

Zoya Vasilyevna, the grandmother: +38 096 453 74 30

Anya Zakharina, volunteer: +38 067 548 40 40

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