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First Municipal Children’s Hospital Zaporozhye

February 28, 2011, 13:00 5480 Author: Inna Grigorieva www.deti.zp.ua The Zaporozhye municipal children’s hospital № 1 is situated in the Cosmicheskiy (Communarovskiy) district of Zaporozhye and has 3 specialized clinical departments in its structure.

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The Zaporozhye municipal children’s hospital № 1 is situated in the Cosmicheskiy (Communarovskiy) district of Zaporozhye and has 3 specialized clinical departments in its structure. The hospital doctors are acknowledged professionals. As long as there are only 2 functioning hospitals for children in the city, this medical institution admits children from the territory of several districts, such as Communarovskiy, Shevchenkovskiy, Zhovtneviy and partly from Ordzhonikidzevskiy districts, as well as from town centers of the Zaporozhye region. Children can be cured here starting from the age of 3 days old up to the age of 18 years old.

There is regional internship based in the Zaporozhye Municipal children’s hospital № 1, as well as the clinical base department of the post-graduate education academy.

This medical institution was opened as the children’ hospital during the Second World War in 1943 in two weeks after our troops had entered the city. It got its name as the First Сhildren’s Hospital that time. During the World War II and the post-war period the hospital was situated in the old building, and in 1985 new accommodations appeared due to the efforts of locals and the Communarovskiy district administration, and Zaporozhye Municipal Children’s Hospital moved there.

Notwithstanding its relatively young age, hospital buildings need to be repaired from time to time, as the state maintenance is not enough to buy all necessary things. More over the hospital needs specialized medical equipment.

We hope that the First Municipal Hospital page on our site will attract the attention of citizens of Zaporozhye and the region, and with our efforts being cooperated, we will be able to finance this medical institution welfare fund, which will be used to improve hospital maintenance conditions for children, to make current and major repairs, to provide the hospital with the necessary medical equipment.

Likhacheva Valentina Ivanovna – the chief doctor of the children’s hospital № 1

Valentina Ivanovna has been working during 30 years in pediatrics. First as the children's doctor, then as the chief doctor of the whole hospital! And thus this strong and optimistic woman has been occupying the children’s hospital chief doctor position for 20 years, she is properly acquainted with all problems both hospital patients and her staff members face. So, Valentina Ivanovna is not only the main person of the hospital. She is figuratively its brain, its heart and its hands and feet. She knows how to teach young doctors, how to create a good staff atmosphere, how to get nails and pipes for the hospital, how to provide patients with food when money lacks; so, she has to solve plenty of problems which often have nothing to do with medicine!

That’s why Valentina Ivanovna has the right to dream about our national medicine to stop being humiliated, about the doctor’s profession to occupy the deserved position in the society and doctors themselves to get deserved salary adequate to their professional level. She dreams about strong and self-confident people working in pediatrics who will be able to provide qualified medical assistance to children in proper conditions.

HOSPITAL STRUCTURE ( the list of departments)

There are 3 clinical departments:

- the neonatal pathology department

-the toddlers department (it includes: meltser’s individual cubicles, wards for children with respiratory cases, wards for neglected children);

-the senior children department (it includes wards for children patients with acute cases and wards for children with non-acute cases);

There is the also policlinic department in the hospital


To the moment the Zaporozhye Municipal Сhildren’s Hospital needs to buy:

- new modern ultrasound study equipment;

- X-ray inspection scan equipment;

- infusion pumps;

- furniture: beds, bedside tables, change-baby table, bookcases or wardrobes, furniture for doctors;

For repairs

Taking into account the fact that the hospital premises were fundamentally repaired only in 1994 for the last time, to the moment the following elements need to be replaced immediately:

- water supply system;

- sewage system;

- in some hospital departments old windows need to be replaced by plastic ones.

This is the minimum list of necessary equipment that is known to everyone all children’s hospitals of our city needs, and children’s hospital №1 in particular.


Full name of the hospital:

Municipal Children’s Hospital №1 Zaporozhye


Ukraine, 69000, Zaporozhye city, Komarova str, 12 (Communarovskiy (Cosmicheskiy) district, transport stop "Visotnaya")

The hospital chief physician: Likhacheva Valentina Ivanovna

Phone numbers:

the chief physician: +38 (0612) 96-20-21, +38 (0612) 96-22-62

Admissions office: +38 (0612) 96-30-42

Web site:


Those children who found themselves at the hospital for the New Year holidays received a new year fairy tale and other presents from Ded Moroz (Santa Claus).


Before you are going to provide any help to Municipal Children’s Hospital №1 Zaporozhye it’s recommended to initially contact the hospital governing body (the heads of departments or the chief physician) and the staff of the “Happy child” (“Stschastliviy rebenok”)

You may transfer the donation to the hospital bank account:

Municipal Children’s Hospital №1 Zaporozhye

BIC 813015, OKPO 05498743

t/a 35429004001472,

or to the "Happy Child" account, or to buy all necessary equipment yourself and give it to the Municipal Children’s Hospital №1 Zaporozhye

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