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Denis Boldenkov – acute lymphoblastic leukemia

April 11, 2011, 19:30 6337 Author: Inna Grigovyeva www.deti.zp.ua Bright prospects of a young family with two kids were broken with a terrible diagnosis of their older son: "leukemia". Nobody can be ever prepared to this, so now they really need our help!

Small Denis, born on September 18, 2008

Diagnosis: acute lymphoblastic leukemia

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When the doctor took a specimen of Denis’s blood to make an analysis, she was suspecting the evolving disease. Soon the boy became breathless and an ambulance took him to a clinic. They called for a hematologist, made a puncture, and there were no hesitations left about the diagnosis: acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

The family had to make urgent re-planning of their life as Denis who is 2.5 y.o. also has a one-year-old brother. While the mom stays in a clinic with the older boy, the younger one went to stay with their relatives in another city.

Currently Denis is completing his first chemotherapy course. First the boy had difficulties tolerating the therapy and there were many side effects, including strong stomatitis, but now he has already got used. He needs to have a lot of patience as he has many tough months in the clinic and several more chemotherapy blocks ahead which – we hope very much – will lead him to full recovery.

Let us help small Denis to recover: in fact he does not need so much – for nutritional support as well as antiemetic and antifungal medications, thanks to which the chemotherapy will not have such a destructive effect on the kid’s body. The family’s funds are not sufficient to cover all the expenses associated with leukemia treatment. At the moment Denis and his mother need UAH 2,500-3,000.

Denis just loves construction kits and toy cars, but his favorite activity is listening to fairy tales. The one he likes most is Ryaba-the-Hen. And his favorite meal is pasta!

Telephone number of Denis’s mother Ekatherina: +38-050-014-68-78

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