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The Rehabilitation Centre "Ivan": We are together!

May 4, 2011, 23:00 3714 Author: Darya Karagodina, translated by Nata www.deti.zp.ua This Journey started hard, we very often got disapointed in "Charity". Sometimes we found that it was very embaressing to ask for help.

We are the Parents of disabled children, Staff and Benefactors of the "people need People" Zaporozhye Regional Public Organization of Families of Disabled children (Rehabilitation Centre "Ivan"). This Journey started hard, we very often got disapointed in "Charity". Sometimes we found that it was very difficult and embaressing to ask for help.

At difficult for us times we felt true support of one of the founders of " Patriot of Zaporozhye" Valeriya Kokoylo. Thanks to Valeriy and his generous soul the past 2 years have found us in our new Building on Gryaznov Street,71.

We had to put many efforts in renewing and adapting the building to needs of children with Cerebral Palsey, Autism and Down's Syndrome. But once again we met caring people and organizations such as "Annabel" (Tatyana Kondratova), "Mega-Tekstil" (Helena Vershinina), «Smile» (Anton Moroz and Gennadiy Nadein), «Ckhimrezerv-Zaporozhye" (Igor Boyko), "Aprel" (Vladimir Ermilov), «Epicentr K" (Alexandr Konstantinov), "Novaya Liniya" (Vladimir Kotlyarenko). All of these great people and organizations came forward to help with our buildings repairs!

Also we got good news- our volunteer Darya Karagodina won the competition of urgent microgrants from The Charitable Foundation "Krona". Her money prize helped us to renew the floor of our Kinesotherapeutic section.

We wish to thank all the parishoners and staff at the Diocese of Zaporizhya Ukrainian Orthodox

Church for the generous donations and time for the support of our work.

Sincerely, children, parents and staff of Zaporozhye Region Public Organization of

Disabled Families

"People Need People"

Gryaznov Street, 71

Telephone 769-30-67

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