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Orphan about her life - Lena's story.

September 10, 2004, 0:00 3043 www.deti.zp.ua/eng

(real name of this girl was changed)

My mother was a drunkard, she threw me away from the window. I would drop and smash if I was not caught on something. I were in the shock and unconscious for a 4 days. Then I was sent to the orphan's home. Of course, it's very terrible, I became very nervous after all these events, I trembled all over and heavily cried. Then I arrived to the orphanage… why parents do such bad deeds with their own children? … kill children or throw away from windows… and then you don't know who will help us to grow up… and permanently worry about how live alone in the Earth whole life.

Yeah, it's all right in internat (orphanage). Educators and director take the place of parents for us. Educators as if give us their love with cordiality. Certainly, children in the internat are very fidgety, often many of them run away from the the internat and then cadge and tramp in the city. There is a repair in the internat now, all things will become new… Also strangers sometime come to orphanage and help us.

Recently small boy Ruslan entered in the internat. His family was killed and he saw it. He is only 6 years old, he will entered to the 1st form (class).

By the way, I don't know why, but we are held almost locked up, we are not allowed go beyond orphanage's gate. So I stayed here and see the same stuff day after day. Now I'll tell you about another one girl. This girl was found in the box and all 16 years of her life she lived in the orphanages. She wants to find her mother and to jeer at her as her mother did with this girl.

Some children in the orphanage are able to steal, do drugs, mock at other children. But why everything are just so? Why people like to drink, to scuffle, to do drugs, to use obscene language? Why? Not too badly, if our relatives leave us, it's possible strangers will adopt us and will love us as their own children.

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