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Donation-box: small contribution of many people to our big common cause

September 23, 2008, 11:00 4282 Author: Alexandra Baglay www.deti.zp.ua "Happy Child" Fund representatives thank the administration of Tavria-Lux supermarket for giving the opportunuty to place the box for donations at the shop

The box on the hall of Tavria-Lux supermarket

Not each of us has any time to visit in hospital other's children that are seriously ill.

Not each of us has an opportunity to visit boarding schools to communicate with orphans.

Practically no one has any ideas about where should parents of those seriously ill children get money for extremely-expensive operations (specially oncological ones).

But our life gives us plenty opportunities to express our willing to help.

Almost everyone goes shopping regularly. Have you bought something today or yesterday? And how much money have you spent in shops till last week or month, making your everyday purchases? Hundredth portion of this sum can save someone’s child life without any your afford!

For this purpose we install common cause in the supermarkets of our city. It is not an obligatory to put noticeable sum – you can put your petty change there (coins or notes). An amount is insignificant, because mercy couldn’t and shouldn’t be limited. And the sum will depend only on quantity of charitable people and your sincere willing to help.

We placed such donation-boxe in Tavria-Lux supermarket, which is situated in the Bulvar Shevchenko bus-stop. As a result of two months donation-box returned us approximately 700 grn (156 $), which were delivered to Sizonenko Nastya .

You can ask me – what are these 155$!? How can they help!? There is huge amount of variants where this not impressive at first glance sum could be spent - magnetic-resonance tomography, expensive ampoule for chemotherapy, payment for hospital stay etc.

Today our fund negotiates about placing such donation-boxes in the rest shops and supermarkets. Thus everyone could deposit to common cause of mercy.

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Yaroslav Kopiyko
Yaroslav Kopiyko

Cerebral palsy, spastic tetraparesis

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