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Save a child: Volev Vladik, 7 years old - leucaemia (cancer of blood)

October 4, 2006, 0:00 21286 Author: Albert Pavlov, Zaporozhye, Ukraine Zaporozhye orphanages website Vladik was the first child who has appeared at our site. Vladik died on July, 2010.

Case history from the hospital (on Russian)

How to donate money to this child

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When Vladik was 3 years old, his mother was killed in a road accident. For a long time after the accident, little Vladik thought that mum will comeback. He even called her, but she never picked up the phone…

Time passed. Vladik went to live with his grandparents and started to get used to a life without his mother. Last autumn Vladik started school. He was a great student, being loved by all the teachers and meeting a lot of new friends finally made his life a little brighter.

However, in March 2006 Vladik could not get over a cold for several weeks. Later performed test in Zaporozhye State Hospital showed an abnormal function of white cells. There was no other possibility- Vladik had cancer. Doctors called it an acute lymphocytic leukemia.

Chemotherapy took its toll. After the first session Vladik begun to experience stomach aches, developed ulcer, his appendices was removed and he is now fighting a fungal infection.

Anti-fungal therapy incurs a lot of costs- $ 2000 was spend in just one month.

Vladik grandparents live in a small, poor village close to Zaporozhye. Their only means of survival is farming.

To pay for the treatment, Vladik's grandfather sold his motorbike, family's cow and everything else worth selling. Thankfully, other villagers offer their help.

In October 2006, as a result of a crack in Vladik's inside catheter, a serious heart condition was developed. An expensive treatment is now required to eradicate this recent problem.

Vladik and his grandparents are very grateful to all existing donors for their financial help. The donations Vladik received gave him a chance to recover.

However, it is likely that the financial demands for Vladik's treatment will increase further as the time passes. Without financial help from kind-hearted people such as yourself, Vladik's treatment will be withdrawn.

Vladik wants to be a doctor when he grows up. Let's give him that opportunity

Thank you in advance!

You may contact Vladik's grandmother, Ludmila Lapshina (speaks only Russian) by calling : +3 8 096 9269522

You may also speak to Vladik's doctors by calling (on Russian): + 3 8 061 222 21 50 (Zaporozhye State Hospital for Children, 5th floor, the Oncology ward)

Zaporozhye State Hospital for Children is located at: 70 Lenin's Avenue, Zaporozhye, Ukraine

Vladik's grandparents home address: Kollarovka Village, 20 Blagoeva street, Zaporozhye Region, Ukraine

You may send your donations using the following method(s):

Bank Transfer:

US Dollars Account :

Beneficiary: Lapshina Ludmila Alekseevna

Account: Card #6762 4620 1333 4401

Bank of beneficiary: Privatbank, Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine Swift code:


swift code: CHASUS33 CORRESPONDENT ACCOUNT: 0011000080

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How to donate money to this child

Albert Pavlov, a volunteer from the "HappyChild" organization has assigned himself to help the family. You can contact Mr.Pavlov (speaks English) by calling +3 8 (066) 513 34 35, or email: detizp@mail.ru

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