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Mountain-hike with orphans

October 8, 2008, 10:00 9529 Author: Albert Pavlov, translated by Alexandra Baglai www.deti.zp.ua During 3 days the group of 15 orphans became aware of amenities and hardship of the real mountain-hike

Unfortunately humanity leads low-activity life. We become coach-potatoes, and use transport even to get to the nearest shop. Children inherit our habits and add computer games and tv-shows to their more then non-active pastime. Few of teenagers can boast of conquest mountain heights – but a dream about such adventures call on every boy.

At last at the end of September the members of Charity fund "Happy Child" made a trip for a group of 15 orphans to the Crimean mountains. Thanks to benefactors we bought or borrowed camping outfit for our group – from pairs of socks to tents and kettles. Certainly we had to bye a lot of provision – to feed these children during the 3-days hike.

Preparations are over. Children have 3 days of adventures!

Breakfast before starting

It was a real heavy-shower when we road away! When we arrived to the Crimea it was raining too… We took on our raincoats and leaved to the mountain South Dimerdgy.

Before starting the route children looked like extraterrestrials

At the first time ascenting was very hard for everyone – after all we bore tents and provision for 3 days!

Short rest. The begining of the trip was the most difficult part of the whole hike

But what a fascinating view opened up before our eyes at the top of the mountain!

A majestic view opened before children's eyes after two-hours trip

Soon we halted for cooking, and had a perfect hike-dinner.

Long-expected halt

After long trip dinner cooked on campfire seemed much more tasty than restaurant dishes

Then we continued our way down through picturesque gullies, covered with forest.

In the evening we reached the stream near the Funa fortress and decided to set up. We landed tents and made dinner.

Evening round the fire

The first night in the tents

The impressive first day was over…

Next day morning

Next day we walked from to the Funa fortress along the Ghost valley to the glade on the South Dimergy side. There is a great view on Alushta, Aju-Dug and Chatrdug from this mountainside.

So-called Ghost Valley

The second halt

On the South Dimergy side

It was quite cool in the evening on the South Dimergy top

Hurrah! I have come!

This tree can live among the stones on the mountain top. Children from orphanages are like this tree - and let God helps them to resist life storms!

The town of Alushta

While having dinner we were observing the lights of the night Alushta from the bird's-eye view. This town with the population of near 30 thousand people seemed to be only mass of lights.

Night Alushta from the height of 800 metres above the sea

How pleasant is to wake up above the clouds!

Then we went down to Alushta and children had an opportunity to swim in the Black Sea.

Grape season in Crimea

At the end of September the bathing season still lasts in Crimea. The water was about 20 degree

At the railway station waiting for train

As we know there are no other persons or organizations in our region who will be able to lead such kind of tourist hikes with orphans. It is a great responsibility.

If you want to help with organizing the next trips please contact us:

+3 8 066 513 34 35, +3 8 061 701-32-86 (Albert); e-mail: detizp@mail.ru, or transfer money to our account.

Our fund will lead such journeys next spring and summer. Today we have another interesting program - one-day excursions to Kyiv (the capital of Ukraine) for orphans.

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