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Photoreport: The second hike to the Crimea

October 15, 2008, 11:00 17069 Author: Sergey Pavlovsky, translated by Alexandra Baglai www.deti.zp.ua It was the great pastime for 12 orphans – a real adventure in the Crimean mountains

Next in turn weekends became a real hike for 12 orphans from orphanage # 3. It was the second camping trip to the Crimean mountains and children packed up things into huge camp-rucksacks by themselves. Our train left for Simpheropol at 00.20 am. In spite of the early wake up children we amused by the foretaste of wonderful pastime in the trip. Morning arrival, change for electric train and pedestrian crossing for the ramp were endured well by 12 children, 4 adults and Bony – one lovely dog.

The first excitement children received from the story about Mungoop-Cale, the capital of the ancient Pheodov-princedom, which were placed on the territory of the Tavrida-peninsula (present-day Crimea).

We were admired by Zalessky-canyon

The chief-thing for tourists is to keep together and help each other.

Our boys behaved like real gentlemen – they got twigs out of our way and always offered their hands.

Here is the ramp – the 5th gully.

We cooked dinner altogether and persons on duty washed up.

What can be tastier than a small barrel of honey brought from Zaporozhye!?

We played tricks in the ramp valley…

… and rest there too…

We were not allowed to relax, because the Shuldan-cloister was waiting for us.

The beauty of Crimean mountains admired us.

The cave – is the best place for playing hide-and-seek.

Children took a bath in the saint font of Chelter-cloister and now are defended from all chills!

The next day we went to the cave-city Exi-Carmen.

None of us wanted to leave. Children asked for 2 more weekends in the Crimea, but in the third morning we displaced our camp and left for Sevastopol. Boys were really relished by the warships! Maybe somebody of them will become fearless sailors in the future. Everyone threw coin to the Black Sea – so we will certainly come back!

But we want to come back to Crimea next spring and summer to have more various mountain hikes with orphans. And for the autumn-winter period the members of Charity fund "Happy child" are planning the realization of the educational programm for orphans - one-day trips to Kiev, the capital of Ukraine. This project is called "From the Heart of a Child - to the Heart of the Country" and its goal is to give possibility to visit the capital of our country to every orphan!

If you have wish and possibility to help us with organization of excursions to the capital of our country Kiev for orphans you can contact with Alexandra Baglai, the coordinator of the project "From the Heart of a Child - to the Heart of the Country".

Alexandra Baglai's contacts are: tel.: +3 8 050 153-35-94, e-mail: crowncounsel@rambler.ru

If you want to donate for this purpose you can transfer your donations to the "Happy Child" account informing the members of the Fund.

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