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From the Heart of a Child - to the Heart of the Country

October 16, 2008, 12:00 5340 Author: Alexandra Baglai www.deti.zp.ua “Happy Child” fund continues to provide educational program for orphans. Our new project is called "From the Heart of a Child - to the Heart of the Country" and its goal is to give possibility to visit the capital of our country to every orphan

“Happy Child” fund continues to provide educational program for orphans by including interesting and cognitive excursion projects. We have already lead two fascinating Crimea-hikes. But now it is growing cold and we have to deny walking-tours to the Crimean mountains.

We offer you to donate for realization of our new project "From the Heart of a Child - to the Heart of the Country" – one-day excursions to Kyiv (the capital of Ukraine) for orphans. We consider, that every child should visit the heart of the country he lives in, its capital. Each of them will receive a great stimulus for the intellectual development and self-actualization. These excursions will show orphans deep cultural and spiritual standards, which should be inherited and high economical standards that should be achieved by them in the future. We want to present them some sincere affection of our beautiful Kyiv.

Here you can see prior rout and the budget for one-day excursion to Kyiv (for the group of 15 orphans and 2 attendants):


1. 6 pm – arrival to Kyiv;

2. Breakfast;

3. Round-up bus excursion (Nation University, Olympic stadium, Independence square, Michaylov square, Podol, Dnipro-watermark);

4. Kyivo-Pecherska lavra (the spiritual center of the Ukraine);

5. Lunch

6. Pedestrian excursion round Kyiv center (Chreshatic, Independence square, Puppet Show-house, Mariinsk park, Mariinsk palace, Sophievskaya square, Andreevskiy uzvoz, Andreevskiy Cathedral);

7. Departue to Zaporozhye.

Prior budget:

1. Fare for attendants (4 tickets) – 65$

2. 17 bed-clothes – 65$

3. Feeding – 169$

4. Round-up bus excursion+ Kyivo-Pecherska lavra –160$

5. Reserve for transport charges and contingencies – 39$

Altogether – 498$ for one-day excursion to Kyiv (for the group of 15 orphans and 2 attendants).

As you see this sum is not incredible. We plan to carry out ceiling amount of such excursions. So you haven’t got any limits of the donations.

If you want to donate for this purpose you can transfer your donations to the "Happy Child" account informing the members of the Fund.

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