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Save a child: Lutsenko Dima, 13 years old - relapse of accute limphoblastic leucaemia

January 11, 2007, 0:00 7204 Author: Irina Gavrisheva, Zaporozhye, Ukraine (translated by Poliglot-ZP) www.deti.zp.ua Dima finished treatment, thanks to all donors!

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I have known this boy since he was 4. Then, 9 years ago he was the first to show me what leukemia was. I can remember I came into my ward and saw a cheeky bold boy who was "tied" to the dropper. He greeted me with the innocent phrase: "Hi! Do you have leukemia too?"

Dima became ill when he was 4 years old. It was long ago in 1997, when there was nothing in hospitals. Then children seldom had remissions because of the imperfectness of the act of the treatment. But Dima was lucky. The treatment went smoothly and soon he easily came into remission. Only once the results of his blood tests "fell down" and Dima was dropped a flask of blood.

After that his liver tests started jumping up and down. The doctors' verdict was hepatitis B and C. And again hospitals ... Under the influence of the preparations the hepatitis "fell asleep" but then again attacked the liver.

Nevertheless the child led a normal life: he went to school together with other children, he got interested in computers. Dima regularly took medical treatment of the hepatitis, which gave only a temporary relief. The virus didn't't leave.

Now Dima remembers those times as if it were a fairy tale. Yes, there were hospitals, droppers, but he has lived a full life for 8 years! But then the recurrence came. In 8 years!!! It seemed simply impossible. Dima's parents went crazy with desperation when they learned about it. However all the family mustered up there courage and started nauseating treatment in the literal sense of a word. And again the remission was reached quickly. But there followed 2 years of supporting therapy. The hepatitis came out again. The liver couldn't bear two enemies at a time: the virus and chemical preparations.

At the moment Dima has a forced break in the supporting therapy. The liver tests went up 2 weeks ago (bilirubin 165, alanine-aminotransferase 4,6). Dima's mother dreams only about one thing - to survive one year of the anti recurrent treatment. She is equally panic both of the second recurrence, which is inevitable if the recurrent treatment is not held, and of the fact that the infected liver will not bear the load.

Now it is necessary to stabilize the state of the liver to continue the supporting treatment. Dima needs expensive preparations to support his liver (essentiale, etc).

It costs about 200 gryvnas per ampoule, and it's necessary to make one ampoule injections three times a week during at least half a year!!! Dima's parents are in panic - where could they get such money??? Now, while Dima is at hospital, the preparation is given free of charge. If he is out of hospital, they will have to buy ropheron themselves. But the child can't stay at the hospital for half a year (at the minimum)?!!! Dima wants to go home, he is tired to tears of this department, especially if you take into account that he is staying there just to have intramuscular injections three times a week. But Dima's parents don't take him home, because they will have to find somewhere 600 gryvnas a week to buy ropheron.

The family leads a very modest, all the money is spent on the necessary preparations and Dima's diet. This has been lasting for 9 years! During these years the family tried to cope themselves, there was no help from anyone. Hopefully, now everything will change and not indifferent people will help Dima to overcome both hepatitis and leucosis.

Those who are willing to help this family can contact Nina Lutsenko by phone +3 8 096 1323427

Both financial aid and necessary medicines are appreciated.

Dima is taking a course of treatment at the hematology department of Zaporozhye regional children's hospital (70 prospekt Lenina, 5th floor ) - tel. +3 8 061 222-21-50

Account in gryvnas:

Zaporozhye regional board of the joint-stock commercial bank "Ukrsotsbank"

account: 29248339070003

MFO: 313010

OKPU: 09313019

Payment purpose: filling up the account 26252339000619 (Lutsenko Nina Savvichna for treatment of Lutsenko Dmitriy Aleksandrovich).

Lutsenko family lives at:

27 Novokuznetskaya St, apt. 85, the city of Zaporozhye, Ukraine 69067

With Lutsenko family keep in touch volunteers from the city of Zaporozhye Gavrisheva Irina +3 8 097 1364182 and Gavrisheva Nataliya Anatoliyevna +3 8 098 9334052, hematologia@mail.ru, and Albert Pavlov +3 8 066 513 34 35, detizp@mail.ru

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