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Save a child: Fenogenov Andrew, 6 years old - accute limphoblastic leucaemia

January 12, 2007, 0:00 5509 Author: Irina Gavrisheva, Zaporozhye, Ukraine (translated by Clara Fomenko) www.deti.zp.ua Andryushka has finished the basic treatment despite all complexities and now he is on supporting therapy

How to donate money to sick children

Andrew became an adorable and outgoing first-form boy in 2006. His mother, father and elder brother couldn't help doting on him. Andrew enjoyed studying at school and liked his new friends a lot. But a month later Andrew started complaining of legs ache. His mother thought that it was just an overwork and didn't pay much attention to his complaints.

In November 2006 Andrew caught a cold. Although the temperature fell down and he stopped coughing, Andrew was still very pale and weak. Later performed blood test revealed the terrifying truth. Andrew was set a diagnosis. He had a cancer and it was Acute Lymphblastic Leukemia.

The next day right after the hematologist's consultation his was admitted to Zaporozhye State Hospital. The level of leucocytes in his blood was tremendously high - 138. Andrew has been receiving medical treatment for almost 2 months. His parents do not give up, though this is an extremely emotional and financially draining time for the family. After such a shock they understand that they MUST and WILL fight for their truly beloved son's life. After chemotherapy treatments Andrew felt very weak, he could barely get up, he couldn't make a step without help. But Andrew is a very brave boy. He tolerated everything but one day he burst into tears. He kept asking his mommy why he had to take such bad medicine, why he couldn't go to school and play with his friends no more. Nevertheless Andrew goes on fighting for his life. Andrew is a huge " Lord of the ring" fan. Andrew pretends that medicine is an army that will defeat all bad cells. Though he feels sick during the Chemo he tries to eat something because it can chase the disease away.

Andrew is very determined boy. Those days when he didn't fell himself very weak he asked his mum to walk in the corridor and counted steps and circles he managed to conquer. A little bit later he started going downstairs, though his mother had to carry him upstairs. This boy has made so much effort to prove that this horrible disease can't make him lose courage.

His classmates miss Andrew a lot. The girl he sat next to lets no one take Andrew's place. Children all the time ask their teacher about Andrew and his health. It is no surprise! Andrew is such a smiling and friendly boy. Andrew has a great positive attitude and is a hero to his parents.

Andrew and his family need help for the hard road ahead and they cannot do this alone...they need your help. The family is in great need of financial assistance. Your help can truly make a difference! Please help this family get through this very difficult time.

Those who want to help this family can contact Andrew's mother Ira by phone +3 8-067-439-96-84.

Both financial aid and medicine are welcomed.

Gryvnia bank account:

Dollar bank account will be given soon.

You can use instant money order PrivatMoney, Pravex Bank, Aval Express, Avers (Finance and credit), WesternUnion, as well as electronic payment systems (Web Money, Rupay, and others).

When donating the money, do not forget to inform the volunteers who work with Andrew or contact his mother.

Andrew is helped by the volunteers from Zaporozhye Gavrisheva Irina +3 8 097 1364182 and Gavrisheva Natalia Anatolievna +3 8 098 9334052, hematologia@mail.ru

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