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To invite an orphan to your home is to give him a part of your heart

January 16, 2009, 11:00 5283 Author: Albert Pavlov, translated by Alexandra Baglai www.deti.zp.ua The best presents for a child who has no parental care are not sweets or toys. The best present is a cosy and warm home where somebody waits and loves you. Though this home opens its doors only on weekends

We are sure that it is really necessary to help orphans. And, of course, action is always better then inaction.

It’s a pity but a great number of people are sure that the best way to help – is to present sweets and toys. And it is really far easier to come once to the orphanage with sweet-gifts and to return home till the next New Year. Not only that this kind of help has superficial character, it often causes parasitic attitude, envy and greed.

We have been working with orphanages for 5 years and now we can notice our mistakes and tell you without any hesitation that the real help begins when the person deeply penetrate into the child’s problems, when he is ready to pay financial, time, spirit price for definite child. Such people don’t need PR-actions on TV and in press – their aim is to help and to be useful for these children.

The name of the great pedagogue Suhomlinskiy book is “I give my heart to children”. Fortunately there are such people in Zaporizhzhya.

There is a family in our city – Galina Pavlovna and Dmitrij Semenovich. Both are pensioners. They have there own children and grandchild. But for nearly 7 years they invite orphans on weekends and holydays. Moreover they help homeless children on railway stations and markets.

Galina Pavlovna doesn’t present swit-gifts but children are happy when she enters the orphanage. At home grand Ma Galya – as they call her – teaches girls to cook tasty Ukrainian borsh, to tidy up a room, to be neat and accurate. Boys are happy to help to grand Pa Dima in the yard. Children like to visit the Botanic yard and to take care about the plants – for this help the Botanic yard presents planting stocks to the orphanages.

There are very modest conditions in the grand Ma Galinas house. There is no computer or washing machine there. But you can feel the most important thins there – love, tender and the real wish to help to these children.

Sometimes children upset Galina and Dmitriy – some of them begin to smoke, have problems with the study, become aggressive, etc. But at the same time this home is like a church where children feel that they are not alone in this world. And this place will remain in there mind for all their life and will help to distinguish god in evil in their adult life.

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