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Orphanage (internat) of Chernigovka , Zaporozhye region

February 10, 2009, 12:00 14660 Author: Albert Pavlov, translated by Alexandra Baglai deti.zp.ua 212 children live and study at school situated in urban village of Chernigovka, Zaporozhye region, 100 of these kids are orphans

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Needs of the orphanage


The School is located in Chernigovka district center of Zaporozhye region that is 150 km from Zaporozhye and 70 km from Berdyansk.

212 kids live and study at school (information dated January, 2009), 100 of these kids have status of orphan or children without parental guardianship.

Due to farness from large cities, the School of Chernigovka village needs special volunteers' and sponsors' care and attention. Children from Chernigovka are not spoiled by attention of charity funds and private benefactors.

Computer class of Boarding School


Children are always glad to meet guests

Children are watching the circus performance organized by volunteers of deti.zp.ua in 2007

In the yard during the break

The needs of Chernigovka Boarding School are very similar to the needs of other boarding schools for orphans.

Educational and moral needs:

- arrangement of cognitive and pleasant trips and excursions, fieldtrips for students of boarding school (to Zaporojie, Kiev, Crime and other places of interest);

- arrangement of fieldtrips to cinemas, theatres, circus in the city;

- visit of volunteers to the boarding school; teaching of various useful skills; guest regime; master class (photography, drawing, handcraft, artistic group, woodcraft, tourism, etc.)

Practical needs:

- sport goods (balls, tennis rackets and balls, badminton, fitness machines);

- clothes and shoes for children of 7-17 years old (there are more boys than girls at school);

- stationary (А4 paper, albums, notebooks, pens, pencils, color pensils);

- educational toys and games, erector, cars, dolls (without batteries, secure ones);

- construction of playground and sport ground;

- audio and video equipment;

Contributions can be remitted to the accounts of “Happy Child” charity fund, that was established by volunteers of www.deti.zp.ua. Please make the remark in purpose of payment as follows: "Donation to Chernigovskaya boarding school".

Please inform the Director of boarding school and administrator of the site about each contribution to the account.

How to make donation for orphans and sick children of Zaporozhye region

Address of boarding school:

Ukraine, Zaporojskaya obl., 71510

pgt. Chernigovka, ul. Lenina, 409

Director – Bekhter Alexander Pavlovich Tel. + 3 8 06140 9-12-89, +3 8 066 213-65-78

Happy Child foundation - effective help to the most needy children of the Zaporizhzhia region, Ukraine, since 2004

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Kira Karhiieva

Disorders of neurodevelopment, disorders of the autistic spectrum

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