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Volnyansk orphanage (internat), Zaporozhye region

February 18, 2009, 10:00 17338 Author: Albert Pavlov, translated by Inna Nigay www.deti.zp.ua Over 200 children live at boarding school in Volnyansk, town which is situated 30 km from Zaporozhye

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The needs of Volnyansk Boarding School


Little town Volnyansk is situated 30 km from Zaporozhye. Most people know Volnyansk as location of prison camps and plant of kitchen goods. Volnyansk could be called so because each prisoner dreams of freedom (the word "Volnyansk" came from the word "Volya" that means "Freedom"). But it turned out that this city has also boarding school for children with mental retardation. Over 200 children live at this boarding school. It was our place for visit.

Director, Evgeniy Vasilievich Lahno with «first people» of the boarding school had welcomed us very warmly. We were surprised to see the concert organized by children and “bread and salt” at the end. The only pressure was that all other children almost did not move during the songs and dances. But it was fine because it was clown Marina with us who was able to entertain children.

And Marina did it! When she came out to see the children, restraint of children disappeared. Children's eyes were shining; children applaud, danced and pretended to be characters from the fairy tales! The bravest ones participated in the contest and got prizes. They were not children from the boarding school anymore! They were ordinary and normal children. It seemed that they would run to their parents after the performance. But they received the presents and came back to the bedrooms with their teachers. They did not have parents or their parents forgot about them.

We talked with Vladimir Petrovich about lives of these children. He recalled only a few cases when some of the children were adopted. And very often this experience was unsuccessful. We saw how important this work was for the staff of this boarding school because it is especially obvious in little towns and rural areas. It is prestigious to work at the boarding school and teachers appreciate this work. There are great teachers who teach children embroidery, sewing, molding wood crafts. We were impressed by the samples of their work

As we know, our life is full of irony. Boarding school gets good money for meal expenses of the children. It is 25 hryvna per day. Sometimes children eat pineapples and even red caviar. But at the same time the government does not provide a penny for stitching, materials, wood materials. The boarding school needs all this. Most part of expendable materials is purchased by staff of boarding school or by sponsors. We have got an idea to organize charity internet shop of children’s art works so they could get some reward of their work and earn some money for expendable materials.

The impression we've got from boarding school was good. There were clean bedrooms and classes, carpets and TVs there. Most part of these things was purchased lately. Evgeniy Vasilievich asked us to provide their school with help in entertainment of children such as concerts, excursions, fieldtrips to other cities.

Information about Volnyansk Boarding School provided by volunteers of Christian mission

Volnyansk Special General Education Boarding School for orphans and children without guardianship is located outside of the city. It is located near cemetery and it influences mental condition of the children very badly. Children see the funerals very often, they go to the cemetery to collect the candy from the tombs. There is also gas station near the school. It presents danger for the children such as cars that move with great speed and poisoning gases of fuel. All these factors are worsened by railway passing close to the school which bother children with constant vibration.

Children of Boarding School have lack of many things due to bad location of the school. First of all, long distance from the district center decreases number of sponsors and ordinary people who can provide help. Second of all children have to spend most of the time in the school yard due to surrounding environment. That is why children need field trips. All of them dream about trip to lake Hortitza to have such ordinary things as camp fire and baked potatoes. They all dream about boat trip at Dnepr.

Teaches of the school headed by director Vladimir Petrovich have to deal with all these problems by themselves.

They have to do a lot of work but there is always a lack of money. Even though government has increased welfare funds for the food and clothes of the children it is still not enough. Children especially girls want to express their individuality as they get older. They are all very different but all of them are united by one wish which is to be loved and be different. It is very hard to do when all of them are dressed the same. Girls have to take care of the skin, use cosmetics.

All these 192 children from Volnyansk Special General Education Boarding School need Your attention and financial help. They need communication with people living outside of boarding school. All those who want to communicate with children by the guest program can receive all the help from administration of boarding school.


Needs of Boarding School:

One time basis:

Full repair of buildings

Change of window frames

Change of doors

Change of floor


Bedside tables




Soft fixtures

Carpets for bedrooms

Permanent needs:




Address of Volnyansk boarding school:

Volnyansk Special General Education Boarding School for orphans and children without guardianship

Address: 70012 Zaporojskaya oblast, Volnyansk, Shkolnaya str., 5

Director – Akimov Vladimir Petrovich Tel. +38 06143 2-16-38

Bank Details:

Account 35415002001198 Code 20516295 MFO 813015 UDK in Zaporojskaya oblast

(please check bank details from administration before remitting contributions)

You can remitt contributions to the account of Volnyansk Boarding School or to the account of Zaporojskii Charity Fund «Happy Child» established by volunteers of website www.deti.zp.ua You have to mark it as “Charity help for Volnyansk Boarding School”.

Please inform Director of the Boarding School and Administrator of the website about each contribution.

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