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Save a child: Vika Kozeleva, 15 years old - neuroblastoma, Stage 4

March 19, 2007, 0:00 8164 Author: Albert Pavlov, Zaporozhye, Ukraine (translated by Denis, USA) www.deti.zp.ua It’s her only chance!

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Birthday – 9th of April, 1994.

Diagnosis: Neuroblastoma, Stage 4 – affected bone marrow.

Vika was referred to the high-risk group due to her age and type of the neuroblastoma (stage IV). However, Victoria was able to achieve the remission and came back to normal life. She went back to school, learned how to use the computer and Internet. Unfortunately, the disease came back. Victoria got a relapse. Last winter she started complaining about pain in her bones and got difficulties walking. However, the doctor at the local hospital explained it with the “bad weather conditions.” Victoria’s mother put all her savings together and took Victoria to St. Petersburg for MIBG test, which showed a relapse with significant damage of the bones.

The doctors are very straightforward in telling Victoria that her condition is very serious and nobody can guarantee a positive outcome of treatment. However, they are ready and willing to start the treatment. The Scientific Oncology Center named after Blokhin in Russia agreed to admit Victoria for the examination, chemotherapy, and autologous bone marrow transplantation. Our short-term task is to raise the money for the examination and initial treatment, i.e., about $5,000. As soon as it’s done, we will start raising the money for the autologous bone marrow transplantation. Altogether, the cost of treatment will be approximately $65,000. When Victoria learned about the relapse, she didn’t surrender herself to despair. Instead, she started browsing the Internet for the information about autologous bone marrow transplantation. She is a real warrior! However, as the saying goes, one man in the field is no warrior. Even $5,000 is too much for Victoria and her mother to raise on their own, not to mention the total amount of $65,000. Victoria needs money to start the treatment as soon as possible. This is her only chance – a chance to live.

You can reach Victoria’s mother Natalia at +38 066 154 3934


Old text of this appeal (2007 year):

Vicka is dreaming to become a doctor and she's fond of football. Despite her serious illness, she continues to give her beautiful smile to surrounding people.

Vicka Kozeleva has spent all of her childhood time surrounded by boys. This is explains her unusual passion for football (soccer). As a 7 grader, Vicka used to play football with 10 grade boys as an equal player, though she would usually be a goalkeeper. Vicka loves watching football on TV and she knows all players by names. Despite her passion for football, she is still an excellent student. And her mother is amused by Vicka's phenomenal ability to remember different car models.

On August 20, 2006, the dark period of her life began. A fever arose and her legs started to hurt. The blood tests showed high erythrocyte sedimentation rate. For a month, she was treated in the cardiology department of the Zapororhye Regional Hospital for Children. The initial diagnosis of rheumatism was not confirmed. The treatment did not show any success. The doctors suspected arthritis, but still the treatment was not effective.. A later sonography of her kidneys showed the presence of a tumor in the left adrenal gland. A puncture of a bone marrow was performed and the results were sent to Kiev, and new diagnosis was established: acute leucosis. Vicka and her mother spent another month in the hematology department under medical observation – the diagnosis was not confirmed. It was the third incorrect diagnosis. The nerves of the family were strained to the limit. Finally on the 10 th of January, 2007 Vicka underwent surgery for a tumor biopsy, and a resulting histological test in Kiev diagnosed her with a 4th Stage of Neuroblastoma, bone marrow affection. Four blocks of chemotherapy were prescribed. On the first of February, Vicka finished her first block. This, however, is just a mere list of facts that cannot express everything that the family had been going through during all that time.

As it happens quite usually in such situations, the resources of the family were drained to their extent. They had to buy 6 ampoules of Cisplatin for which the total cost was 600 hryvnas. However, a part of them was not needed, because the government started to provide the drug.. Several thousands of hryvnas were spent, since the illness broke up. During summer and spring, Vicka's grandparents were helping her and her mother, they were growing vegetables in the country. But now, there is no one to rely on, because her mother is not married.

Before the illness, Vicka was dreaming of becoming a nurse. Now she dreams to become a doctor. Vicka's intelligence did not let her mother keep the diagnosis as a secret for a long time. In some way, the girl has managed to find a brochure describing her illness. It is hard to imagine what was happening in her soul afterwards. Nevertheless, despite everything, Vicka is still smiling and doesn't fall into depression.

And many times again, after looking into the eyes of a sick child, we have more questions left in our soul than answers. "Why? What for?"

I want to wake up and to see Vicka not in the hematology department, but in her native village, playing football and making her mother proud because of her intelligence and unforgettable smile..

Here are Vicka's presents from Katya from Donetsk and other friends. (A calendar signed by members of a football team Shahter, wishing her to get better)

Mother's telephone – Kozeleva Natalia Vladimirovna + 38 066 15 43 934

Vicka and her mother's mailing address: Zaporozhye Oblast, Melitopol Region, village Voznesenka, Kirova street 119.

Vicka is currently being treated at the hematology department of Zaporozhye Regional Hospital for Children. (Lenin's Avenue 70, 5 th floor. Phone number +38 061 222-21-50)

If you have any questions concerning Vicka, please volunteer Albert Pavlov at +38 066 513 34 35 , or detizp@mail.ru.

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