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Save a child: Pavlenko Vladik, 8 years - brain tumor

November 16, 2007, 4:00 7877 Author: Albert Pavlov, Zaporozhye, Ukraine (translated by Dasha Shapkina) www.deti.zp.ua Vladik has completed his treatment and temporarily doesn't require the welfare

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Birthday – June 20, 2000

Diagnosis - anaplastic astrocytoma of temporal area, 3d grade malignance (brain tumor)

A new patient has recently appeared in the oncohematological department of Zaporozhian Regional Children’s Hospital – little Vladik Pavlenko. Vladusha is 8 years old; he is an active and clever boy, who easily gets used to any situation. He runs merrily over the department, plays with the other children, plays computer games and almost doesn’t remember why he is here. Only S-shaped scar reminds him of the past. After the operation on removal of the brain tumor Vladik feels much better, and now he doesn’t suffer from headaches and vomiting. It’s only his mother who is looking at her son anxiously and thinking of how to get money for the expensive TEMODAL and praying God for her only son’s healing.

Vladik seems to be growing up all right until July, 2007. He finished he first grade, attended dancing group, liked to perform on the stage. At home he took care of the fish with great pleasure, liked to play with cats and dogs at his grandma’s summer cottage and played football with friends.

But in July something went wrong. Vladik had frequent headaches, inexplicable weakness, sickness and eve vomiting. His mother tries to cure him with all possible ways, but it didn’t help. And the had to turn to Zaporozhian Regional Children’s hospital and make the tomography of the brain. The results were shocking – they found out that Vladik had pathologic mass and the doctors prescribed further examination in the Institute of Neurosurgery in Kiev. In October Vladik was operated on, they made a radical removal of the tumor and then - histological analysis of the tumor cells. Mother Luyda was told a hard-to-pronounce diagnosis - anaplastic astrocytoma of temporal area, 3d grade malignance. Kievan doctors prescribed therapy with ionizing radiation and simultaneous chemotherapy (very expensive medicine TEMODAL). Everyday Vladik is to take 3 pills of TEMODAL (20 mg each). It means that 10-day course of treatment he is to take 6 boxes of pill: total cost is 4600 hrn ($920). Probable there would be a couple of such courses. The medicine is being needed now (November 14, 2007), because the course of radiation therapy has already started. There’s no TEMODAL in the hospital, so Vladik’s mother and zaporozhian volunteers are to find this money for the treatment themselves. The boy is brought up without father so Luyda and Vladik badly need financial support

Vladik’s dream is to go to the seaside to his grandpa in Kerch, to bathe and to roam through the mountains. When he is a grown up he is planning to be a policeman, to catch the criminals and to drive a car. For these to come true we need prayerful help and financial support of not indifferent people.

Mother – Pavlenko Luydmila Grigorievna, phone +3 8 050 481 62 27

Vladik and his mother lives here:

Ukraine, Zaporozhye Region , Energodar, Komsomolskaya str., bld. 89, app. 95

Volunteer from Zaporozhye Albert Pavlov contacts Vladik and Lyudmila. Albert Pavlov: +3 8 066 513 34 35, detizp@mail.ru

Vladik is being treated at hematology and oncology ward of Zaporozhye Regional Children Hospital (Lenina prospect 70, 5th floor, phone +3 8 061 2222-150)

Account details for donating in U.S. dollars from abroad:

Beneficiary: Pavlenko Lyudmila Grigorevna

Account: 6762462033281061

Bank of beneficiary: Privatbank, Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine

Swift code:PBANUA2X


swift code: CHASUS33 CORRESPONDENT ACCOUNT: 0011000080


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translated by Dasha Shapkina, Zaporozhye

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