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Save a child: Milena Salik, 6 years old – dilated cardiomyopathy

June 26, 2009, 10:00 8478 Author: Albert Pavlov, Zaporozhye, Ukraine (translated by Anna Skalevskaya) www.deti.zp.ua In July, 2009 in Polish cardiocentre Milena has been established an especial cardiostimulator which can delay a question on heart transplantation in time. Parents of the girl thank all who helped Milena

Diagnosis - Dilated_cardiomyopathy

The medical certificate by The Ministry of Health of Ukraine about the necessity of heaving treatment abroad as recommended operation cannot be done in Ukraine.

The cost of the treatment in Germany

August 23, 2002 saw the birth of this nice sunny girl with a rear name Milena. Even before she was born she had to struggle for life – the doctors, trying to prevent a miscarriage, injected Milena’s mother certain medicine (including ginipralium) and this led to mother’s and child’s “heart block” – abrupt pulse dropping.

The heart block proceeded after Milena’s birth and when she was three months old she was implanted a unicameral heart stimulator. Everything seemed all right before the age of two when all of a sudden she felt bad and was taken to resuscitation department of a local hospital and then to a special child hospital in Kiev called “Ohmatdet”. Milena and her parents have spent several months there. In Amosow’s Research Center Milena was implanted a bilocular heart stimulator. Her new diagnosis was – dilated cardiomyopathy – a serious disease affecting cardiac muscle and providing a high death risk because of cardiac decompensation. One of the most commonly used methods of curing this disease is heart transplantation but because of various reasons (operation costs 200 000 Euro, there is lack of donor organs) a new heart has not been yet transplanted to any Ukrainian child.

Doctors from Amosow’s Research Center told Milena’s parents that there is a special cardiological hospital in Zabzhe (Poland) Silesian Center for Heart Diseases, where one of Ukrainian children has already been cured with the help of medical treatment. In addition, the doctors of this hospital practice surgeries for heart transplantation. Ten day medical treatment in this hospital costs about $10 000, so now the girl’s parents are doing their best to collect this sum of money.

Milena, 4 years old (2006)

Despite the disease Milena is a very easygoing, clever and happy child. When she was only two years old she had already known the alphabet, and now when she is six she is fond of reading books about animals (she is no longer interested in fairy tales), plays chess and draws something most of the time.

Milena is a real Internet and computer specialist – she browses lot’s of funny pictures from the Internet, uses computer and takes photos of her favourite pet rats.

Milena takes photo of herself by web-camera

Milena with her mother Oksana and her rats

The last four years Milena’s parents have spent their lives appreciating each moment spent with their beloved daughter. Milena’s heart muscles become weaker and it’s hard for them to pump her blood in a proper way. Milena’s life depends on the work of cardiostimulator and every day intake of various medicines (about 20 times a day). Oksana and Igor, Milena’s parents, are praying to God for a miracle, so that with the help of doctors and other kind people their daughter could live a long happy life.

If we unite our efforts and make a donation that’s within our powers we’ll give this bright little girl a chance to live happily in this world. If 5000 people donate at least 10 hryvnas each, we’ll collect the sum needed for her course of medical treatment that starts in January 2009 – only ten hryvnas and you’ll save this precious life!

Information about Milena from April 14, 2009:

Milena Salik and her mother Oksana have recently come back from a hospital in Zabzhe, Poland. This trip became possible due to numerous donations made by the visitors of our site, due to the money remained from the sum that was collected for Vladik Tihonow and due to their own money. Here follows Oksana’s letter about the results of their journey:

“Our trip to the Polish hospital in Zabzhe was very successful even though we are a little bit disappointed by Milena’s new diagnosis. The doctors say that Milena suffers from noncompact myocardium of the aortic ventricle. This is a rare uninvestigated inborn cardiomyopathy that belongs to unclassified cardiomyopathies.

Our situation is very serious. There is practically no hospital in the world that specializes in curing this disease; in addition the origin of this disease is also not clear. If doctors fail to transplant the heart, all the patient can do is to struggle with the symptoms and complications of the disease for the rest of his or her life.

Now Milena has an implanted cardiostimulator, but doctors told us that a special defibrillator will be more useful for her, though now it’s almost impossible to implant her such defibrillator as it is too big and won’t have enough place in her body. So for some time we’ll precede using the implanted cardiostimulator but it must be changed and adjusted to the new diagnosis.

Before we can implant a new cardiostimulator the doctors have adjusted the one we have now, because as it turned out it was in conflict with the prescribed medicines and blocked the drug action. They have also increased the daily dose of medicine Milena has to take.

As it turned out doctors in Kiev have not only made a wrong diagnosis, they haven’t even consulted with each other so that cardiologists didn’t consult with cardio surgeons and the latter have adjusted the stimulator in such a way that it blocked the action of the prescribed medicine. The medicine was useless, it only made harm to the child’s liver.

In Zabzhe all the specialists whose help we needed have gathered in one room: stimulator programmers, child cardiologist, child cardiosurgeon. They had a long negotiation concerning our problem and agreed to take mutually coordinated actions to prevent future collisions in the actions of cardiologists and cardiosurgeons.

During this trip Milena underwent complex examination and doctors titrated the doses of her medicines. The main course of medical treatment and operation will be held in May as both the doctors and Milena have to prepare themselves for the coming operation.

Respectfully yours, Oksana Salik”

So at the present moment Milena’s parents have the money for the operation that will be held in May 2009 but they don’t at all have money for the defibrillator and heart transplantation (and this is the only chance for Milena to live a long happy life). So Milena and her parents will be grateful to everyone who can help.

You can contact Milena’s parents by the following phone numbers:

+38 095 365 72 56 (Igor), +38 050 966 23 95 (Oksana), Salik_76@mail.ru

Two years ago Milena together with her parents has moved to Theodosia in Crimea and now live with Milena’s grandpa. The Crimean climate is better for the girl’s health.

You can also contact a volunteer from Zaporozhye who helps Milena and her parents – Albert Pavlov + 38 066 513 34 35, 701-32-86 (Zaporozhye), detizp@mail.ru

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