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Save a child: Miruta Sahsa, 10 years old - brain tumor

May 23, 2008, 4:00 11410 Author: Albert Pavlov, Zaporozhye, Ukraine (translated by Grigorieva Inna) www.deti.zp.ua Thanks to donations of not indifferent people the necessary sum was gathered. It has allowed to pay the surgery for removal of a tumour of a brain at Institute of neurosurgery in Moscow. Now Sasha feels well

The date of birth – 18.06.1997

Sasha’s preliminary diagnosis (it requires more precise definition): Volumetric neoplasm of mediabasal parts of left temporal lobe.

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The results of MRI-examination 03.04.2008

Doctor of Medicine Kushel U.V. consultation in the Scientific Research Institute by Burdenko

Professor Dr. Zheludkova O.G. consultation

As it sometimes happens with boys Sasha fought with his classmate one day in December, 2007. When mother of that boy knew about their fight she came to school and pushed Sasha in a temper. Sasha fell down and struck his head against the wall. During 2 weeks after that Sasha stayed at home with the concussion of the brain and then again returned to school.

Sasha thought that the accident with concussion of the brain was already in the past, but in February, 2008, strange thing happened that frightened his mother. One day Sasha was doing his lessons and at one moment it seemed to his mother Svetlana that boy became like he “had got away”. Sasha didn’t pay attention to his relatives and didn’t answer the questions. After several days such episodes repeated, but for all that Sasha couldn’t remember anything. Svetlana turned to the neurological department of the city children hospital #5. After examination the boy’s encephalogram showed posttraumatic epileptic area. Sasha was prescribed anticonvulsive preparations (alprokom), but the treatment had no effect and the episodes repeated again. Then Sasha’s brain MRI-examination was made which showed distressing result – the volumetric neoplasm of mediabasal parts of left temporal lobe with the size of 21*23*13 mm.

In the middle of May Svetlana visited Kiev’s and Moscow’s hospitals in order to get consultations. She was recommended to treat the tumour surgically. Doctors said her that after histological studying of the tissue they will be able to define further treatment tactics. Our experience of work with children suffering from brain-growth shows that the level of Ukrainian neurosurgery is lower than in Russia (about what the sad fate of the most children with brain-growth treated in Ukraine testified).

An official cost of the surgical procedure in Moscow Institute of Neurosurgery by Burdenko is 5000 dollars (125.000 russian roubles). This clinic agrees to treat Sasha right now.

Thus Sasha’s family needs a sum of money for medical treatment, transportation and living in Moscow.

Svetlana Miruta, Sasha’s mother, brings up Sasha and his brother by herself without husband. She is an operator at the plant “AvtoZAZ”.

We hope that it will not be very difficult for unindifferent people - the visitors of our site to collect the necessary sum of money at the earliest possible date.

A surgical procedure done in time will give Sasha a chance to live and it will be the best present to him for the Children’s protection Day!

Sasha, his brother Zhenya (21 years old) and their mother Svetlana live in Zaporozhye at the address:

Ukraine. Zhaporozhye, Prodolnaya street, 66.

Tel.number: +3 8 0612 95-86-45

Svetlana’s mobile phone number: +3 8 098 419-15-51

You may help Sasha right now!

Account for voluntary contribution order in Euro:

Beneficiary: Miruta Svetlana

Card #: 6762 4620 3425 5874

Bank of beneficiary: Privatbank, Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine Swift code: PBANUA2XZAP

INTERMEDIARY BANK: Deutche Bank AG, Frankfurt on Main, Germany swift code: DEUTDEFF


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