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Save a child: Kornyushin Maxim – 4 years old, juvenile rheumatoid arthritis (joint inflammation)

June 25, 2009, 4:00 10233 Author: Albert Pavlov, Zaporozhye, Ukraine (translated by Anna Skalevskaya) www.deti.zp.ua Maxim has a serious illness destroying his joints. The medical treatment he had undergone in Moscow hospital turned to be highly effective, but it’s too expensive for Maxim’s mother who brings him up alone. Please, support Maxim and his mother in collecting money for the next course of medical treatment and you’ll help this little brave boy to recover and lead a normal, active life!

Date of birth – February 26, 2005


juvenile rheumatoid arthritis (joint inflammation), third stage activity, second roentgenologic (radiological) stage, FK 3-2.

Medical document about maxim from Moscow clinic (on Russian)

Information about Maxim from May 6, 2009:

In a week Maxim must be in hospital in Moscow to take another course of medical treatment. At present moment Maxim’s mother has only one fourth of the required money.

For more than a year the visitors of our site have been providing substantial support to Maxim Kornyushin. We want to remind you that the boy has a serious illness - juvenile rheumatoid arthritis. Before the age of three and a half the boy couldn’t walk, but now thanks to support of many kindhearted people the boy receives regular medical treatment in a special hospital in Moscow, where he takes a highly expensive medicine Mabtera (1 cartridge costs $2000). Now, after two courses of medical treatment, Maxim feels much better, he began to walk! But he must take some more courses of medical treatment till he enters the remission stage. The next course of Mabtera costs $3000, but at the present moment Vita, Maxim’s mother, has only 4000 hryvnas donated by a young gentleman from Kiev, and on May 11, 2009 they are to start for Moscow.

We address everyone who has desire and ability to help – to support Maxim and his mother once more!

Vita and her son Maxim

One day a young woman visited the office of our fund. She was not alone. In her hands she was holding a little boy with thoughtful dark brown eyes. When Vita Kornyushina – that’s the name of our guest – sat her son Max on a chair, the boy gave us a thoughtful look and smiled. We gave him a toy and while he was playing with it, Vita told us about her problems.

Max is Vita’s youngest son and he was born on January 26, 2005. At that time her elder son Dima was 10. Vita is not married and takes care of her sons alone.

When Max was born everything seemed all right, but at the age of six months he began to have unexpected serious health problems. His left knee swelled, it was hard for him to get dressed. Max couldn’t sit, he was suffering from fever (39 degrees) and almost always crying because of pain. The boy had spent a month in a state children hospital № 1 taking special antibiotics, but he didn’t feel any better. Vita and Max went to the urology department of Dnepropetrovsk children hospital and then to the cardiorheumatologist's department of Kiev second state hospital, where his illness was diagnosed as undifferentiated collogenosis (connective tissue inflammation). He took a course of hormonal medical treatment, after which he felt much better, was able to sit alone and began to put on weight. But then he stopped growing again, and at the age of three Max weighed only 8 kl 600 g.

In February-March 2008 Maxim’s mother consulted a rheumatology department of children healthcare Research Center of the Russian Academy of Medical Science (Moscow). As a result of numerous examinations and a clinical finding Maxim was diagnosed to have juvenile rheumatoid arthritis (joint inflammation), third stage activity, second roentgenologic (radiological) stage, FK 3-2. The boy received a basic medical treatment taking methotrexate, sandimmune (cyclosporine) and other medicines. The boy’s mother says that after this medical course Maxim felt much better for the first after the years of pain and struggle. All this time Maxim was suffering from constant pains and high temperature, but when they came home from Russia the pain symptoms were almost gone, and you can imagine how the mother was happy when Max made his first steps. The whole medical treatment together with hospital care costs 23000 hryvnas (Vita has all the paid-up bills and cheques). The next medical treatment course starts in June 2008. Maxim’s mother addresses all visitors of our site to help her with the money for this medical treatment as this is the only chance for her son to conquer the symptoms of a horrible disease and recover. For the present moment (May 28, 2008) Vita has 9 000 hryvnas, so she needs 14 000 more. On June 23, 2008 Vita and Maxim are to be in the hospital to start the second course. The whole number of such medical treatment courses is yet not known.

Despite the illness that has been effecting the boy’s normal physical growth and development during the last two years, Maxim has the same level of mentality as most of the children of his age. The boy is keen on reading books, especially fairy tales written by Anderson, he also speaks well and is extremely fond of learning and reciting poems. Maxim behaves as a real man and endures his illness with courage and fortitude. You can hardly ever hear him complaining of pain in his joints. The boy is an extremely lively child – you can almost always find him playing with cars or constructing something, he also likes playing in a sandpit and seesawing. In Moscow Maxim has found lot’s of new friends. When his illness abated, it became easier for the boy to communicate and play with other children of his age, sometimes Maxim even teaches other children how they should act in this or that situation. So Maxim really seems to be a future philosopher or psychologist, especially if we and all the kindhearted people join together and render him mutual support in getting over his illness.

If you feel a strong desire to help this brave little boy, you should contact his mother or transfer your benefactions on her bank account.

Kornyushina Vita Viltorovna, Maxim’s mother: + 38 067 974 26 81 (mobile phone); + 38 061 271-37-47 (home phone)

You can also contact Vita’s volunteer supervisor Albert Pawlow: + 38 066 513 34 35; detizp@mail.ru

Vita Kornyushina and her sons Maxim and Dima (13) lives in Ukraine, Zaporozhe, Gavrilowa 7 str., flat 78.

Information from Auhgust 20, 2008

Maxim Kornyushin has recently come back from Moscow, where he took the cure for a serious illness – rheumatoid arthritis. Vita, Maxim’s mother, says she couldn’t even dream about such wonderful results – her son got alone on his feet and made his first steps! Vita has been expecting for such event for three and a half years! Recently Vita and Max went to the seaside, where the boy just couldn’t stop riding play cars – he was even given special child driving license!

Maxim Kornyushin – the future racing driver!

To help his grandson recover Maxim’s grandpa has sold his car for $6000. Thanks to this money and assistance of many kindhearted people and charity foundations maxim’s family managed to collect $11 000 – the sum needed to pay for the next course of medical treatment in the rheumatology department of Moscow Child Care Research Center and to buy a highly expensive medicine Mabtera. The next medical treatment is to start in November 2008 and it won’t cost less than the previous one (the boy will be given such medicines as Mabtera, neipogen, sandimmune and other).

We are grateful to all the readers of our site – due to your help we’ve managed to collect 8700 hryvnas for Maxim’s medical treatment. in addition to this 7000 hryvnas were donated by “Patriot Zaporozhe” fond, 5000 hryvnas – by the state social security foundation and some private sponsors.

Vita is deeply grateful to all the donors and addresses all people who are not indifferent and can help her to collect money for the next medical treatment that will start in November 2008. At the present moment vita has no money for it at all, but she is sure that the efforts of the doctors will bring her son into remission and he will grow up as a normal healthy child.

In autumn 2008 maxim underwent another course of medical treatment in Moscow. The boy’s health conditions improved greatly – he can walk, play with his elder brother and other children. But as a result of chemotherapy the boy quite often suffers from blood value fall, so to prevent this fall Maxim must take neipogen – an expensive white blood cells stimulating agent ($170 for one injection).

During September-December 2008 the visitors of our site have donated about 8000 hryvnas to help Maxim, but the problem with money is still burning – the next course of Mabtera will cost $11 000. Vita will be grateful for any financial support that will help to continue Maxim’s medical treatment.

We’ll be also extremely grateful for anyone who can locate Maxim’s banner on his site:

You can donate for the treatment of Maxim via PayPal, Western Union or MoneyGram, or donate directly to the account of mother of Maxim

Details for money donations in dollars USA:

Beneficiary: Kornyushina Vita Viktorovna

Account: 6762 4620 3497 2577

Bank of beneficiary: Privatbank, Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine

Swift code:PBANUA2X


swift code: CHASUS33 CORRESPONDENT ACCOUNT: 0011000080

Details for money donations in Euro:

Beneficiary: Kornyushina Vita Viktorovna

Card #: 6762 4620 3497 2585

Bank of beneficiary: Privatbank, Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine Swift code: PBANUA2XZAP

INTERMEDIARY BANK: Deutche Bank AG, Frankfurt on Main, Germany swift code:



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