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Will Vika see European Football Championship of 2012 (EURO 2012)? The task of the following few days – to collect $8,000 necessary for her treatment.

September 7, 2009, 11:00 3673 Author: Albert Pavlov, translated to English by Masha Serttunc www.deti.zp.ua Not only Moscow and Zaporizhzhja charity foundations, but even soccer fans from the entire Ukraine join to help this very hard fight against the disease

Our Vika does not give up and continues the desperate fight against her illness

Already for more than a month Vika Kozeleva has been staying at The Scientific Oncology Center named after Blokhin in Russia in Moscow. In order to secure a place there Natasha, Vika’s mother, undertook truly heroic efforts in collecting the necessary sum of money, applied for loans, and accumulated debt. As a result, the girl started to receive treatment, and her condition improved. However, it is too early to talk about any significant improvements in her health yet.

Thanks to the efforts of the Moscow volunteer Vita, Vika’s new friends in Moscow donated her a notebook computer. A Moscow foundation “Happy World” (“Schastlivyj mir”) placed a request about Vika on its website and already offered significant help for her treatment (about $6,230 deposited on the account of the hospital).

Another person helping Vika to overcome her hardships is Katja, a volunteer from Donetsk. Thanks to Katja, thousands of Ukrainian soccer fans learned about Vika’s difficulties, and dozens have already given donations to save the girl. There are about 350 commentaries on the most popular Ukrainian soccer fan website, where Vika’s story was posted. While undergoing treatment at the hospital, Vika always finds enough energy to answer the questions about her condition and to just chat with people.

While undergoing treatment at the hospital, Vika always finds enough energy to answer the questions about her condition and to just chat with people

Unfortunately, apart from the difficulties of treatment, Vika’s mother and friends have to constantly deal with financial problems, since the overall cost of treatment is about $63,203. Within the next several days it is absolutely necessary to pay $8,000 to the hospital, the money her mother does not possess.

The only hope is that there are people who sympathize with the misfortunes of Vika and who are able to one more time give this young woman and her doctors a chance to continue the battle with her disease.

Different ways to help Vika and the contact information for her mother are listed in her request on our website.

You can reach Victoria’s mother Natalia at +38 066 154 39 34 (speaks Russian only)

volunteer Albert Pavlov +3 8 066 513 34 35 (speaks English)

You may help Vika donating to her mother's account which you can find in the text of the article about Vika

How to donate money for this kid using PayPal, bank accounts or other ways

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