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Save a Child: Alyona Fedorenko, 22 years - ossifying sarcoma of femoral bone

February 23, 2010, 12:00 3350 Author: Grigorjeva Inna(translated into English by Tatiana Bychak) www.deti.zp.ua Thanks donators help all money for Alyona was gathered. Fund raising is closed. Thanks all not indifferent people!

Diagnosis: ossifying sarcoma of the right femoral bone, instability of tumor implant; persistent and pronounced disturbances in support-motor function of the right lower extremity, pain syndrome.

Medical statement from the Institute of Spinal and Articular Pathology n.a. prof.Sitenko, Kharkov.

Alyona grew up a clever child and graduated from high school with a silver medal. From her childhood she dreamed to become a doctor, and after graduation in 2005, her dream has come true - she was admitted for free education to Zaporozhsky State Medical University. Alyonka was tickled pink.

But in January 2008, the joy was overshadowed by serious illness. Doctors have found a malignant tumor; the girl had to endure all the hardships of cancer treatment: 14 courses of chemotherapy, 2 of them were high-dosed. In July 2008, in Kiev hospital doctors put Alyona a knee implant. But, most likely, during the operation the joint was infected. Then there was another operation - to clean the joint, but, unfortunately, unsuccessful.

Moreover, the tumor metastasized to the lung, and in July 2009 Alyona had a third surgery - to remove the metastasis of the lung.

Now Alyona has everyday troubles because of her knee: the leg hurts, swells, causes high temperature.

In Kiev, doctors proposed to make another surgery on joint cleaning, but as the previous one was unsuccessful, girl’s mother appealed to the Kharkov Institute n.a.Sitenko. The examination showed that Alyona needs an urgent change of implant to a new individual module one with a silver antibacterial coating. But it costs about 240 000 hryvnyas.

Girl’s family is not able to collect such a sum. Alyona lives with her mom, dad doesn’t help to grow up his daughter. The previous operations was financed collectively- family, friends, home-folks.

Alyona needs an urgent surgery, to prevent the necessity of leg amputation.

Everyday Alyonka recalls student life with tears. She wants to live, to walk, to finish her studies in Medical University, to become a doctor, to be of use for people and society

Girl’s mother Tatiana appeals to all thoughtful people to help her save her only daughter. They can hope only for people of ready sympathy.

The collection of money for the implant has already been started: we have already received financial assistance from the organization, where girl’s mother worked, and Zaporozhsky Medical University, where the girl made her studies. Thus we have collected150 thousand hryvnyas. But the amount is too big to be collected quickly.

The amount of 240 thousand hryvnyas – is too big to be collected solely by girl’s family, and by any other average-income Ukrainian family as well. But it was you who helped us previous times to collect large sums for the treatment of seriously ill children, and now they are alive only thanks to God and your responsiveness. We trust that together we can help and treat this wonderful girl, give her a chance to graduate and become a great doctor - and help people in future as well. We need another 100 thousand hryvnyas.

Girl’s mother Tatyana Ivanovna:




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