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Boarding school in Berdyansk

February 24, 2010, 16:00 13967 Author: translated into English by Helena Puhovskaya deti.zp.ua At present 250 children (from 4 years old to 18 years old) are brought up at Berdyansk boarding school

News about the boarding schoolе

Needs of the boarding school

Address and phone numbers of the boarding school

Berdyansk boarding school is situated on the Azov Sea coast. There are tree buildings: dormitory, building for children of preschool age and school.

At present (February, 2010) 250 children from 4 to 18 years old are brought up at the boarding school.

Two psychologists work with children; there is a rehabilitation room where training by individual programs is carried out.

Special attention is paid to hobby groups and out-of-school activities for social adaptation of orphans.

There is an embroidery circle for children of primary school age and senior pupils. There is also artistic studio and arts & craft studio. Children’s artistic works were exhibited to the public at city exhibitions, in Zaporozhye Art Museum; young painters participated in Ukrainian Art Contests in Kiev.

A folk dance and ballet studio was organized for children, as well as chorus of more then 50 children. Children arrange their concerts on stages of City Culture Palaces and participate in all regional fests of amateur art activities of children. Besides, children go in for football, basketball, volleyball, and take part in all city competitions where they won prizes more than once for their age group.

Needs of Berdyansk boarding school are similar to needs of many other educational enterprises like this. Particularly, the needs are:

- new sport footwear;

- sports kit;

- computers for games and for study, the latter are not too new, all were produced in 2000-2001.

- medical equipment for sanatorium group. Particularly, there is a great need in own ECG apparatus (before the participation in sport competitions the cardiogram must be done to children, and for this matter every time it is necessary to visit local clinic, that is not convenient for pupils of the boarding school). Besides, a new UHF apparatus is necessary. One, which is operated at the boarding school now, was manufactured in fifties, last century.

The address of the boarding school:

13, Stepaniantz str

Berdyansk town

Ukraine, 71114

E - mail: kidsazov [at] ukr.net

The information for this article and photos were take from the official site of Berdyansk boarding school www.kids.berdyansk.net

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