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Molochansk Secondary Boarding School

February 26, 2010, 14:00 10021 Author: Viola Tarasova (translated into English by Irina Kharnova-Pair) deti.zp.ua Due to its new status, the boarding school now accepts orphans and children from low-income families.

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Needs of the boarding school

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This boarding school was classified as secondary only one year ago. Now orphans and children without guardianship, as well as handicapped children from low-income families where parents cannot provide for them, go to this school. Currently (information dated 2010/02/03) 152 children live and study in this school, 8 of whom come from low-income families. In addition, 17 children attend preschool course, 8 of whom are children from low-income families. All these children are making their first steps in new life. According to Anna Gregoryevna Diduh, the head of the curriculum department at Molochansk Boarding School, the children are very pleased with the quality of the learning process and their teachers’ and educators’ care.

Only skilled professionals work in this boarding school, but the children favorite ones are the speech therapist and exercise therapy instructor.

There is also a physiotherapy room at the school, where one can find 8 devices for different treatments. That is why the school was closed for quarantine: the preventive measures were taken without any assistance.

In addition to the room for exercise therapy, the school also has a place where children have regular physical training. There is also a recreation ground in the schoolyard.

Extracurricular and out-of-school activities for the children are very interesting. The assembly hall has recently been reconstructed and redecorated, and not for just one occasion: Molochansk Boarding School is a place where talents of gifted children are flourishing. Some time ago the girls from the school dance club participated in the contest ‘You begin the good’, which took place in Zaporizhzhya, and they returned back to school with the trophy. As well, the boys from singing class participated in the same contest and won first place. Now the boys are awaiting on the next stage of the contest which will be taking place in Kyiv. The children were lucky enough to even visit Hungary.

The school pupils are in good friendly relations with Cossacks from the neighboring village Zaporizhzhya: they visit one another and put on concerts for elderly people and veterans.

At present time the biggest need for the children and teaching staff is a well-equipped computer class. Currently the school has gaming computers allows children to comprehend basic computer skills and typing.

Nevertheless the school headmaster and teachers want to attract more pupils to the school so that more children can benefit from a good education. According to Anna Georgievna, children get free meals and clothes. The pupils from low-income families can visit their relatives on week-ends and holidays, and even if they do not have an opportunity – they can stay at school where they are taken a good care of.

The school head-master Gerasimov Jury Vladimirovich with pupils.

Boarding School needs:

- Computer class

- Organization of trips and excursions for children.

But despite all of the teaching staff efforts to make the children’s life at school better, the biggest need and dream of every child is to be part of a family.

Address: 71550 Zaporizhzhya Oblast, Tokmatsky District, the city of Molochansk, Osipenko Street d.6

School headmaster – Gerasimov Jury Vladimirovich. Tel. 38 061 78 4 04 13, 38 097 704 50 49

Head of school curriculum department – Diduh Anna Georgievna. Tel. 38 061 78 4 74 06

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