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Trofimenko Katya – again surgery. Again we apply for help!

March 4, 2010, 22:00 1885 Author: Anna Zakharkina (translated into English by Irina Kharnova-Pair) http://www.donor.org.ua On Thursday Katya will have another surgery on metastasis removal from interpleural space. We need money for the operation and medicines. The total sum to be collected is about $ 2000.

Have you ever noticed that children show their disdain by saying: “Hey. Nobody needs you” or “I don’t want to know you”. Think over it! A child understands that it’s insulting, offensive and even embarrassing to feel yourself abandoned. The things become the same when we become adults. Work, family and friends – everything seems to be nice. But is that enough for us? How much energy is wasted each day? We airily spend it on something that finally doesn’t bring us any satisfaction. Hours in traffic jams, an uninteresting work, an empty talk, switching TV channels with a vain hope of find something worthwhile… Another day has passed; you are dog-tired without a small drop of joy in your heart. Routine and nonsense. And suddenly Katya comes to our lives. She doesn’t realize that her appearance it’s a big gift for each of us. Here is a real opportunity to make our everyday life a bit different. A perfect way out! Thanks to Katya, we can fall asleep with a smile and pleasant thought: "This day wasn’t wasted! Now I’m of use for someone! Maybe someone will speak well of me"

So, on Thursday Katya will have another surgery on metastasis removal from interpleural space. Then it will be followed by a course of chemotherapy, for which we need 25 vials of holoxan (approx 10 000 UAH), and another surgery on removal of a metastasis in the right lung. On October 27, during the previous surgery on the lung, doctors found impossible to remove the metastasis as it was firmly enmeshed in blood vessels. After three chemotherapy treatments, a tomography showed that it became fully accessible.

Aunt Inna says they have a small amount of money enough for the most necessary things, but nothing is left for the operation and holoxan. To help this family we need to collect 2 000 $

We are waiting for a day to fall asleep with a smile. Help us to feel the cherished happiness.


Aunt Inna +38 098 29 52 310

A volunteer Zakharina Anna (Kiev) + 38 067 548 40 40

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