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Hortitskiy multidisciplinary education and rehabilitation center

March 15, 2010, 15:00 5470 Author: Grigorieva Inna (translated into English by Marina Alekseenko) www.deti.zp.ua Hortitskiy multidisciplinary education and rehabilitation center – a place where children with special needs open their talants

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Address and phone number of Hortitskiy multidisciplinary education and rehabilitation center

Hortitskiy multidisciplinary education and rehabilitation center

The functions of the institution:

The implementation of integrated medical, psychological and educational rehabilitation of a sick child

During 2006 - 2012 years in this Center the national experiment "Projecting and practical providing of competency oriented innovation development of Hortitskiy multidisciplinary education and rehabilitation center" was in action.

The structure of the institution

- Zaporozhie regional center of early social rehabilitation of disabled children;

- Special boarding school with preschool section and the classes of professional technical training for work speciality "Social work";

- The multidisciplinary college with І and II accreditation levels (4 years of studing on the basis of general secondary education, the departments "Social pedagogy", "Fine and applied ornamental arts," Design of clothes;

- Videopolygrafic center.

The works of the students of an art department of the college

The functions of the institution:

- Providing the conditions for pupils which enable them to get an education of a certain level of quality (preschool, general, secondary, vocational, higher);

- Development of vital competence of the students in terms of educational and rehabilitation space;

- Integration of disabled children in classes with general education, preschool and student groups;

- Research and experimental development and introduction of innovative content and technologies of rehabilitation-focused education;

- Promotion of the idea of rehabilitation pedagogics;

- Methodological support, training, retraining and heightening qualification of the staff for realization of educational and rehabilitation activity of the institutions of the educational system and social protection.

The purpose of the educational and rehabilitation system of the institution is to create conditions for the development of vital competence of the students, the ability to solve their own problems independently and to build their lives successfully and creatively.

There are 2 medical departments in Hortitskiy center: treatment-and-diagnostic and rehabilitation-and-preventive:

- Laboratory diagnostics;

- Instrumental diagnostics;

- Computer examination;

- Physical therapy;

- Balneotherapy;

- Phytotherapy;

- Laser therapy

The general physical rehabilitation is carried out in a reasonable daily routine in variative activities such as health walks, therapeutic exercise, gymnastics.

The task of integration into society of disabled children is solved through the implementation of their early rehabilitation, involvement in secondary school classes and college student groups.

Little patients of the center


Pedagogical department in college

The pedagogic department prepares social teachers for the educational system with an educational level of "bachelor" of the specialty "social pedagogue".

In terms of educational-scientific-industrial complex of Kyiv National Pedagogical University named after Dragomanov and Melitopol State Pedagogical University graduating students of Hortitskiy multidiscipline college are enrolled on the fifth year in the university without entrance examinations and receive a full degree in the speciality "Social teacher" and "Practical psychologist".


Social pedagogue.

Qualification - bachelor (4-years study period based on 11 classes).

Graduates receive a diploma of high basic education.

Course and vocational studies for working profession


- The operator of computer typesetting;

- Tutor;

- Administrator;

- Clerk (accounting)

Duration of studies is 5 months.

The center cooperates with regional employment center of professional training of the unemployed.

Secondary vocational school


- Computer typing, secretary manager.

College art department

College Art department prepares the specialists for the speciality "Fine and oriental Arts" for the qualifications of "junior specialist".

The College works in close collaboration with the Lviv academy of arts, Ukrainian academy of printing (Crimean institute of informational and printing technologies), Kiev institute of business and advertising, Kiev state institute of applied art and design named after Boychuk.


Fine and applied arts

(on the basis of 11 classes).

Qualification - the artist-performer.


- Painting;

- Art weaving;

- Art ceramics.


Design of clothes

( 3 years of studies based on 11 classes).

Qualification - fashion designer.

An educational methodical and material base was created to ensure the educational process of an art department.

While passing the different types of practice students are able to ensure the formation of basic structure of professionally important qualities that determine the professional direction of a specialist.

In Hortitskiy center a special attention is given to the assortment of a teacher’s staff and qualification hightening of the pedagogues to ensure the preparation of qualified specialists.

An address of Hortitskiy multidisciplinary education and rehabilitation center:

69017, Ukraine


island of Khortytsia,

Science Town, 59

Tel: 38 (061)286 54 93; 38 (061)286 54 81

tel./fax: 38 (061)286 53 04

e-mail: hnrbc[at]radiokom.net.ua

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