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April 23, 2010, 15:00 9494 Author: Albert Pavlov, translated into English by Anna Shmorgai www.deti.zp.ua With your help several the most promising boys from Kalinovka boarding school for disabled children could live in the home-type house

First Foster Family house in Kalinovka

In “Happy House -1” foster house for 7 orphans was created

We have some great updates on children’s being in Kalinovka – Foster Family House was created on the base of “Happy House -1”. Now seven of the wards who were living in Chernigovskiy orphanage in Kalinovka are in foster family, their mother-caregiver is Natalia, who was working with them for some time.

During these couple weeks we can see the obvious difference in children’s state and behavior – they are satisfied with better food and conditions they live in, are more active and smiling.

Artyom learns writing letters, counting; Maksim develops his lexicon, together with Oleg they are drawing small detailed pictures; Zhenya and Katya are worse in their development – so now actively learning skills of self-dressing and self –care, Vera is learning shapes and parts of objects, Varya is learning how to control movements.

Also for long time three adult wards Sasha S., Lesha R., Sasha K., were living in this building together with these children, in better atmosphere. That’s why we decided to support them and managed to solve all formal problems of their staying in happy House. Officially they are on vacations now and don’t receive any support from government. Anyway they have their own needs, like nutrition, diapers etc.

The family does a lot for these children, but still they have lots of needs and are very thankful for all support that was provided.

It would be great to bring a part of your care to these orphans – so we will appreciate any help!

Psychologists and pedagogues all over the world are agreed that orphan children upbringing is more are effective in a home atmosphere or in small groups, but not in a huge boarding schools with a big amount of children. This rule works for regular orphans, as well as for children with special needs.

Nowadays most of the countries declare off boarding schools in favor of family type of upbringing or small orphan homes, which are close to the family by their organization.

Fortunately, more and more Ukrainian orphans getting into families, not children's homes. At the same time a child with affliction would hardly ever find a family.

In Ukraine 7000 children with difficult development pathology resident in psycho-neurological boarding schools and orphan homes. Most of them live in big groups (sometimes up to 30 children) and there is no adaptation possibility to self-sustained life in such cases.

There is a possibility to create a small family-type house for special needs children in Kalinovka orphan boarding school, to which “Happy child” charity fund has been helping since 2007 year. Head of school Nikolai Slavov together with Zaporozhzhya regional labor and social protection government are giving a green light for this project realization. We are given a building in Kalinovka, which was build by German-Mennonites around a century ago. Despite the age that house is still in good condition and has a chance to maintain in that condition not less then hundred years. After it’s remodeling here, in peaceful homelike atmosphere would live and develop their abilities several promising boys:

Those boys would live in a home-type house in Kalinovka

At the moment our child minders-volunteers are teaching those children to beads knitting, painting, modeling, learning the Alphabet. They are the child minders who a ready to became a “mother” in family house. But for now guys are to live in one group with more 20 children, who have difficult psycho-neurological diseases. This fact influences on promising children development very badly.

German-Mennonite Nikolai Schmidt ex-house can be a house for seven boys from Kalinovka

Photo of Nikolai Schmidt house in the beginning of the 20 century. First owner of the house couldn't expect that after 1000 years 7 disabled orphans will have a chance to live in this building

Building side view…

…and inside

Детдом для сирот-инвалидов с. Калиновка, Украина

December 22, 2010. Installing isolation system

Детдом для сирот-инвалидов с. Калиновка, Украина

December 27, 2010. Repair of the roof and beams finished!!!

To come the dream about new house for Kalinovka’s special children true, we should reconstruct the 200 sq. meters building for children:

- to repair roof - FINISHED!!! (see financial report on Russian);

- to change 8 old windows in favor of plastic ones (8 * $220);

- to set new front door (280$) and change room doors;

- to set electrician boiler ($1000) and indirect heating system;

- to connect the house to water-supply and canalization (communications are situated 5 meters from house);

- to equip bathroom and toilet;

- warm up the building;

- adjust floor and walls.

If you want to help children to get their home, you can pay one of the remodeling components – for example, window or door changing, boiler installation, sanitary conveniences adjusting or remodeling the wall in a room.

In the future time we will set a full cost sheet of materials and works to be done, but it is obvious already that qualified remodeling and communication connecting will cost not less then 150 thousand grn (around $19 000). But can we estimate fulfillment of love and home piece, that we can give to that children?

About ways of donation transferring for family house for disabled children creating ( transfering on the fond account, Webmoney, PayPal, Privat24 and others)

By the way – our fond make complete accounting of benefactions!

We thank all donors who support this porject!

At the date of December 15, 2010 we raised 150 000 UA hryvnyas or $18773 for this project

See financial report on Russian

We will be glad to answer all your questions call or write to us, or come to Kalinovka yourself!


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