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Petrova Katia – 19 years old – idiopathic aplastic anemia

July 21, 2010, 16:50 11005 Author: Viola Tarasova (translated into English by Daria Sukach) At the time Katia's family does not need our help, they manage to buy the medicines with their own money. Thanks to all who helped Katia!

Katia was born on the 1st of May 1991

Katia Petrova’s up-to-date treatment news

The diagnosis: idiopathic aplastic anemia

The medical record, Case record: 1, 2

Katia’s mother would like to appeal to you personally, dear readers of our website. Listen to a cry from her heart and don’t be indifferent…

“It’s impossible for words to describe the fear and desperation when your child falls ill. The Easter eve was a black day for our family. Our daughter Ekaterina was diagnosed with idiopathic aplastic anemia. We had never even heard of such an illness before.

Since early on in her childhood Katia was a healthy child and had never had anything more serious than a simple cold. She’s recently finished school and started working as an assistant nurse of the casualty department in the 9th municipal hospital of the city of Zaporizhia. She loved her job and she dreamt of entering medical school.

Katia with her work colleague

Nowadays my lovely daughter is a patient of therapeutics department of the hospital she used to work for. Her life strongly depends on plasma and thrombus concentrates. Blood quotient has fallen dramatically. Now she is taking immunosuppressant though no laboratories of our home city Zaporizhia possess equipments which would be able to control the effect of the drug.

There’s a good hematology department in Belorussia. This department is well-known for its experienced doctors, who can help us, but it is extremely expensive and our family can never afford it.

I’m in the depths of despair and wish I could give away everything if it would only help my child to become healthy! But what I can give away now will not help her…

Our main goal is – the battle against death, the battle for life of our daughter.

But we cannot cope with it on our own, we need help. I pray every one of you to help us in every possible way”…

The additional medical checkup in Belorussia requires 6 000 dollars. This checkup will show the possible treatment for Katia. Depending on the result of the checkup the future treatment may require from 80 000 to up 200 000 dollars. It’s an extremely large amount of money! So, we do need help, even the smallest bit, what really matters for us is that everyone would like to help!

The account of the Belorussian clinic

Katia is now daily dependent on immunosuppressant. This medicine is very costly. Every day we have to buy Equoral which costs $179.

Listen to the mother’s heart! Help this young girl!

Katia with her friend at the school leaving party

The telephone of the mother, Natalia Borisovna: +38 (066) 900-76-48

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