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Homeless children to be removed from cities’ streets

July 17, 2006, 0:00 3120 for-ua.com

During a press conference Minister for family, youth and sport affairs Yuri Pavlenko told journalists that before the end of this year it would be formed 93 family group care homes for orphans and 486 foster homes.

According to Pavlenko, it is also planned to reduce the number of homeless children by 20% in comparison with the year 2005.

Pavlenko underlined that, according to the President’s decree on reformation of children rights system, the State department on adoption and children rights’ main functions are adoption and children care issues, development of family forms of upbringing, coordination of activity of bodies and services on minors affairs.

The minister informed that it was formed 19 centers of social and psychological rehabilitation for children, six centers of mother and child, seven social hostels for orphans.


mike (16:15 | 03 July,2006)

Keep the pressure on Terry and PC. Lord love you for what you do for those that can't help themselves.

Peter Crosby (16:25 | 03 July,2006)

mike - thanks, but what we really need is a groundswell of native public opinion behind us. Why does it take foreigners to put compassion above corruption? Will you help? peter_crosby@ukr.net

Jeff Mowatt (17:27 | 03 July,2006)

Very encouraging! One thing we must continue to press for, is an effective ratio of carers to children. I hope Alexander who has recently joined the forum can be persuaded to pitch in too. We do need to spread the word further too. Ideas are welcome.

Peter Crosby (17:40 | 03 July,2006)

And those carers require proper training based on a sound education. There is a large untapped pool of well-educated, unemployed youngsters they could easily become a generation of skilled careres.

patricia Joy (20:43 | 03 July,2006)

My husband and I, after three years of trying have finally been accepted as foster parents. We now have aw young man of 12 in on a trail basis and have room for another 3. Our young man wants his best friend to come here as well. We heard about the new incentive just after Christmas and it would seem to be working, but us foreigners have a much harder fight to be accepted as some children have been fostered by foreigners have fostered and then they and the childrne have disappeared. I hope the governent continues to be causious, but caring.

Nick Simon (21:01 | 03 July,2006)

This article is 3 weeks old, but of interest? http://www.mosnews.com/interview/2006/06/14/shevchenko.shtml

Jeff Mowatt (22:35 | 03 July,2006)

Nick, yes it is. I'd missed it and I'm glad you pointed it out.

mhemmen (22:52 | 05 July,2006)

During this conference it was also announced that the new Department of Adoptions will not accept any new paperwork until 2007! What a horrible punishment to these children waiting for homes!

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