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Kristina Babura (was born in 2002) – acute myeloblastic leukemia

May 10, 2011, 16:00 7981 Author: Yana Sasina translated by Anya Lyashenk www.deti.zp.ua Unfortunately, Kristina could not overcome leukemia. She passed away...

Little Kristina was born on March 23, 2002

Unfortunately, Kristina could not overcome leukemia. She passed away...

Diagnosis - acute myeloblastic leukemia, (М2 in FAB), with auer Bacillus

Меdical Report from Zaporozhye Regional Children's Hospital

The document of Belarus Clinic (Minsk) about willingness to accept Kristina for treatment and its cost

How to help?

Kristina's parents brought her to their pediatrician with cold symptoms. Back then they were not aware of the long and bumpy road towards their daughter's recovery. Kristina is in Republic Scientific-Practical Center of Pediatric Hematology and Oncology in Belarus. Specialists estimate the cost of treatment to be $40,000. Unfortunately, that is not a final cost.

Kristina welcomed spring in the hospital where she has been for 3 weeks. She was treated for infection in the hospital first, then she was transferred to Regional Children's Hospital. Her diagnosis was revealed only after screening in Kiev. Kristina has already gone through the first chemotherapy course in Oncogematological Department in the Zaporozhye Regional Clinical Children's Hospital. Unfortunately, her chances for recovery were minimal, so the family had to go to Belarus to receive the treatment.

The friends of Kristina's parents and Gymnasium "Contact" (she is a third grader there) helped to collect funds needed for the initial stage of treatment. However, the financial resources for an expensive therapy are already exhausted. After working for 40 years Kristina's grandparents monthly old-age pension is a little over $100. Her Mother works at "Zaporozhelectrotrans" enterprise which is consistently late with paying the employees their salary. Kristina's self-employed Father currently barely makes his ends meet.

According to her Grandfather, Kristina being an only child in the family was fairly healthy, only sometimes caught a cold. She enjoyed Art School prior to hospitalization. Currently, her future depends on how fast the necessary funds for treatment can be raised. Please, participate in this life-saving charity! Even a modest donation can make a difference!

Kristina's family lives in Zaporozhye. Their home phone number is: +38-0612-349587

Kristina's Father (Maksim Aleksandrovich) cell: +38 095 07 04 200

Kristina's Grandfather (Alexandr Vasilyevich) cell: +38 066 40 37 158

Belarus phone numbers:

Lena Babura: +375-25-95-22-906

Maksim Babura: +375-25-92-77-900

Ways to transfer funds for the treatment of Kristina Babura:

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Other ways to make donations (Web Money, PayPal, money transfers from Russia, etc.)

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