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"I Just Work as a Magician!" The Toy Front Garden

July 5, 2011, 19:00 3537 Author: Yana Sasina, translated by Daria Sukach www.deti.zp.ua The building located at 8 Central Boulevard Street in Zaporizhia welcomes you with cartoon heroes

The magician of our city – Grandpa Evgeniy

All the kids in the yard know who planted flowers and placed a hedgehog, a hare, a camel and a frog here. A resident of the multistoried building has been beautifying the territory for more than fifteen years in order to bring lots of joy to all the children around.

The Toy Front Garden

Little lovers of fairy tales

It was pretty easy to find this skilled craftsman: we only had to ask the kids where the fairy tale grandpa who planted flowers and presented toys lives.

“I’m grandpa Evgeniy, - introduced my new acquaintance. He added “But don’t advertise me, please!”

A little fairy tale hedgehog

Evgeniy has been devoted to this garden artwork for twenty years. He used to be a house painter, but since the age of seventy he’s been retired. For the past three years since retiring, he cannot imagine his life without these little miracles.

Everything started with a mushroom and a hedgehog that Grandpa Evgeniy once saw in a children’s book. He decided to transfer these fairy tales heroes into reality by sawing them from veneer, painting them and finally installing them in the front garden.

A fairy tale goose

A cheerful little hare

Little mushrooms

Do you remember what the Little Prince said? “When you wake up, you put yourself in order – do the same with your planet”. This is the main motto of the creator of this toy garden. Every morning he picks up cigarette butts and garbage. Regardless of all the beauty that the old gentleman creates, some residents of the building continue dropping litter from their balcony windows.

Unfortunately some neighbours do not really support Evgeniy. What’s more, they try to hamper his art. Some time ago he was thinking about building a children’s fairy tale tower nearby the building. As soon as he collected all the necessary materials such as boards and veneer, annoyed neighbours forced him to close the project because it seemed like “a drug den” to them.

Although this attitude towards his art hurts, Grandpa Evgeniy never gives up. He hung an advertisement on the building wall with a request to bring him old and needless toys. Once a week he puts all the collected toys on the tables outside, so the kids whose parents cannot financially afford gifts, could take any toy for free.

"Dear Parents,

Do not throw away children’s toys into the garbage bin (And books as well).

Bring them to the front garden (8 Central Boulevard Street) and put them under the dogwood bushes. Poor children will be delighted to receive your gifts.


Grandpa Evgeniy".

The toys are waiting for their new little owners

“Dear girls and boys, keep your little fingers busy by playing with these lovely toys. You can choose any of these toys for free”

Books for young readers

The Fairy Tale Garden

A funny hare-musician and an adventurous little frog

This coming winter the old gentleman intends to make and paint the heroes from the “Kolobok” fairy tale (“Kolobok” is the main character of an Eastern Slavic national fairy tale with the same name, represented as a small yellow spherical being.) He is also appealing to farmers and gardeners to share some seeds or plants with him, so the front garden would blossom with new colours next spring.

An easy-going company: A little hare, camel and a clown

The corner of fairy tale exotic animals

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