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From Cave Town to the Laspi Bay

August 22, 2011, 16:45 4797 Author: Аlbert Pavlov, translated by Anna Oliynyk www.deti.zp.ua 17 children from large and foster families went hiking to the Western Crimea from 29 June to 2 July 2011

The hiking summer 2011 is in full swing, so more and more children from large, low-income and foster families take part in the trips and tours, organized by “The Happy Child” Charity Foundation.

17 more children and foster parents of two families from the Volnyansk district had a chance to discover the beauties of the Western Crimea from 29 June to 2 July. The group went hiking (and took a small bus ride) along a traditional but very interesting route: Fifth Valley – Eksi-Kermen Cave Town – Ternovka – Chernorechensky Canyon – Laspi Bay.

Though before the tourists left for their trip the weather was not very nice, they got caught by the rain only once, and it was not so strong. The hiking tour lasted for 4 days only, but it brought more impressions than several weeks of routine life at home.

We hope that your support will help us carry out many more such trips this year (in August – October 2011). It is really easy to give a child the joy of going through a real adventure, spending time with friends next to a camp fire and getting closer to nature! Participation of one such child costs 150 - 250 hryvnyas (18-31 US dollars) for a 5-day trip.

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