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Exciting excursions for kids from Zaporozhye orphan asylum

September 5, 2011, 19:00 4598 Author: Yuliya Akhtman, translated by Yevheniya Devyatkova www.deti.zp.ua On August 9th boys from an orphan asylum went on an excursion to the Zaporozhye Cossacs History Museum and to the cultural complex “Zaporozhye Sech”

Boys from Zaporozhye orphan asylum with their Teacher Alla Yakovlevna Stroganova

Thanks to the help of the “Happy Child" Foundation benefactors on August 9th sixteen kids from Zaporozhye Orphan Asylum for boys with the abnormality of mental development went to the island of Khortitsa to visit the Zaporozhye Cossacs History Museum and also the cultural complex “Zaporozhye Sech”.

One could not but notice how responsible the kids felt about the trip. Everyone looked very neat and behaved perfectly! For them it was very important, because many of the boys only saw the Dnipro hidro power station for the first time on the way to the museum. The teachers of the orphanage asylum — Alla Yakovlevna Stroganova and Tatiana Alexandrovna Kompaniets told us, that the boys were looking forward to the excursion, as they seldom leave the walls of the orphanage. But since Ludmila Victorovna Honcharenko became the head of the institution, many things have changed for the better

On the way to Khortitsa

On the island, the guides Alexey Fedorovich Kazantsev and Svetlana Ivanovna Semenyuk fascinated the kids with interesting and informative stories about the history of Zaporozhya land. The boys saw with their own eyes the generalized image of the capital of the Free Land of Zaporozhye Sech.

An exciting excursion in the Zaporozhye Cossacs Museum

Miniature wooden copy of the Zaporozhye Sech

Business manager of the National nature reserve “Khortirsa” Serhey Valeyevich Dudarenko and the author of the article Yuliya Akhtman

An interesting tour around the historical-cultural complex “Zaporozhye Sech” with Svetlana Ivanovna Semenyuk

A pottery class

Lunch in the forest

Boys at the foot of the monument to legendary hetman of Ukrainian Cossacs Taras Bulba

After a walk through the island, the children went back to the orphanage.

On the way home!

The staff of the “Happy Child” Foundation expresses their sincere grattitude to:

The Head of the National nature reserve “Khortirsa” Maksim Anatolyevich Ostapenko;

Business manager of the National nature reserve “Khortirsa” Serhey Valeyevich Dudarenko.

Thank you for providing free admission and excursions. We wish you health, luck and many great visitors!

Special thanks to Edik and the driver Simon for providing a big discount for the bus rent. We are hoping for further cooperation!

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