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Vova S., - acute myeloblastic leukemia

October 28, 2011, 14:30 6019 Author: Yana Sasina, translated by Daria Sukach www.deti.zp.ua Vova passed away in the middle of December. Let his soul rest in peace...

Vova passed away in the middle of December. Let his soul rest in peace...

Diagnosis: Acute myeloblastic leukemia

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Even though it made Vova’s mother feel concerned to see her son skinny and pale after his return from his mountain hiking trip, she let him go to the seaside in Berdyansk. However, the whole month after coming back from the seaside Vova was running a fever and got even skinnier. Blood tests revealed an inflammatory process, but the exact diagnosis was made by the Zaporizhian Children’s Regional Clinical Hospital. On the fifth of August Vova was taken to the hospital again where he was prescribed to undergo two chemotherapy courses. And just before his last school year he was isolated from his school desk, home and friends.

Like most young lads of his age Vova receives excellent grades in physical training. Since childhood, Vova used to go in for swimming and karate. He also actively took part in hiking tours. Besides, this young man is brilliant at physics and dreams of becoming a nuclear engineer. It’s a real punishment for this boy to have to stay within four hospital walls all day long. And what’s more – most of the patients in the hematology department are little kids. Vova’s only delight is visits from his cousin and his two native sisters. And last weekend his classmates gave him the present that Vova had been dreaming about for three months – a modem for his laptop! The Internet connection gives him an opportunity to keep in touch with his friends more often.

Vova is to start his third salvage-chemotherapy (according to FLAG protocol). That means 6 bottles of “Fludarabine” medication. If this course results in a remission, the physicians plan one more chemotherapy course and a preparation for bone marrow transplant surgery. But this vitally important “Fludarabine” medication is not available at the hospital, and, thus, parents have to buy it by themselves. The problem is it costs 8,580 hryvyas or 1,063 US dollars (six 50 ml bottles for 1,430 hryvnyas or 177 US dollars each). Vova’s parents have no money for it. In the summer time they could earn some money by selling vegetables from their garden. But now in a cold season the only family financial source is father’s salary of 1,300 hryvnyas or 161 US dollars.

Vova’s parents are appealing to all of you to make any possible donation! The life of this sixteen-year-old boy depends on how soon the necessary sum of money is raised!

For further information contact the volunteers of “The Happy Child” Foundation

Vova’s family lives in the village of Ivanovka in the Zaporizhia region.

The fund-raising campaign is closed.

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