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Merry adventures of Elizavetovka’s children

November 21, 2011, 16:00 4092 Author: Yuliya Ahtman, translated by Elena Guda www.deti.zp.ua Children from large families and families with low income of Elizavetovka village visit Zaporozhye in order to “add some color” to their autumn school vacations and to take part in an interesting excursion

“The Happy Child” charitable foundation conducted an absorbing excursion around Zaporozhye for children from Elizavetovka, the Primorsk district, on the 25th October, 2011. The excursion was conducted jointly with the managers of some city museums and enterprises and together with the young travelers’ parents. During the autumn school vacations young tourists had a splendid opportunity to learn about the city infrastructure and its places of interest. The children also had an opportunity to see the beauty and greatness of our native city – former Alexandrovsk, and to learn about the history, traditions and culture of the people that inhabited Zaporozhye region in the ancient times. And more than that...

The city welcomed the children with warm and sunny weather. Needless to say they were all in good spirits because a lot of interesting things waited for them ahead! All together, the children went for an excursion which started from the visit to Dnipro hydroelectric power plant named after V. Lenin.

The children had a walk around the power plant’s territory, visited the turbine hall and familiarized themselves with its internal structure. Ivan Sekatsky told the children keen on novelty an absorbing story about the design, construction of the dam and that ordeal it had to undergo during the Second World War. They also learned that due to the hydroelectric power plant it became possible to construct huge machine-building, metallurgical and chemical production complexes in Zaporozhye.

The magnitude and the uniqueness of Dnipro hydroelectric power plant impressed not only children but those adults who accompanied them, as well. It is quite understandable, because this dam, one of the largest in Ukraine, was long ago recognized as one of its best architectural constructions. It is also the oldest one in the Dnipro electric power system, a so-called power plant “cascade” on Dnipro river; and it serves for protection of the city’s industry from fails in power supply.

Ivan Sekatsky with the children at the power plant turbine mock-up

Against the diorama representing a scene from the Second World War

At the Unknown Soldier Monument

After such a serious and responsible excursion the group headed for a merry and kind performance never failing to carry everyone away to an endless fairy tale – the puppet show. Certainly, everyone obtained a charge of new strength and positive emotions at the “Prankster Piff ‘s show”.

A scene from the “Prankster Piff’s show”

Having left the theater with smiling faces, the children went to have lunch to the “Puzata Khata” (pot-bellied house) where they stuffed their small bellies empty by the time full with tasty food.

But certainly, the notion about the Zaporozhye region would not be full without knowing its art and ways of life. So, afterwards the group went to museums! The staff of the History and Economy museum, situated in Chekistov St, 29, met the organizers’ wishes and conducted an interesting charitable excursion for the children. For this we want to express our gratitude to Georgy Shapovalov, the museum director, and Svetlana Taranenko, its research assistant.

Wooden spinning wheel

Svetlana Taranenko in her successful effort to enthrall the children with the history of the Zaporozhye region

Also, thanks to the administration and the staff of the wax sculpture museum, the children had an opportunity to visit the exhibition of sculptures of famous people from the art, cinema and history world. The exhibition is located by the address, mentioned above. Favorite actors, well-known politicians, tsars and emperors looked so real as if they are just about to speak to the visitors. By the way, I’d like to hurry everyone who wants to see this amazing art first-hand because the exhibition is going to last only till the 18th of December!

But that was not the end of the excursion and the group continued its absorbing investigation of the city. After this, the children were awaited in the Museum-Gallery of the applied ceramic art of Ilia and Alexy Burlay. After a warm welcome the group was taken to the exhibition hall. There, the children were shown samples of construction ceramics and ancient pictures by well-known professional artists. The museum staff told the group an exciting story about Alexandrovsk and the specifics of brick and tile manufacture in the old days. The children will remember this charitable excursion for a long time: they didn’t only see the works of art; for some time they were able to feel themselves creators of great things!

Little visitors were given colored pencils and drawing paper and they were able to make their “special contribution” to the development of the modern art

Children presenting their pictures

Time flew and forced the group to continue the trip…

Supper at the McDonald’s

After having a bite the children went to the skating rink called “Katran” (“Spiny dogfish”). It is suitably located behind the “Youth” Palace of Sports – Pobeda St, 66B. There, at least one of the small dreams a lot of the children had came true. Having put on skates for the first time, almost everyone looked clumsy. But the deeper the children felt charm and beauty of the figure skating the stronger became their wish to come back to this wonderful place one day. It should be noted that the attention the skating rink administration paid to the children was remarkable. They were offered comfortable cloakrooms, skates and time – above all!

Many thanks to everyone who cares about children. Let us remember one simple truth: today’s children are tomorrow’s builders of the country’s future!

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