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Oleg Babich, born in 2004,- organic defects of CNS

January 19, 2012, 13:30 3049 Author: Senyuk Alina, translated by Yaroslav Ostapets www.deti.zp.ua The fund-raising campaign is closed Thanks to our kind donors Oleg and his sister Dasha have got enough money for medical examinations and treatment!

Oleg Babich, born in October 2002

Diagnosis: organic defects of CNS (central nervous system), gliar- scar changes of the left frontal lobe, herpes infection, aggravation of TORCH-infection.

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ATTENTION: (20.11.2011) Thanks to our kind donors Oleg and his sister Dasha have got enough money for medical examinations and treatment!


Children's laughter, smiles, gentle hugs and the sweetest word "mother" - Elena Vitalievna has dreamt about these things for so long. And here it comes, in September 2006, an accident, or a gift of fortune brought her to the child's home "Solnyshcko" where she met a gentle, quiet and nice boy - Oleg. The boy was weak, with melancholy eyes, - and her heart skipped a beat. Elena thought- “Here it is, happiness” and she took him into her family.

Oleg was not very healthy all his life. But orphanage is orphanage. He could not get serious treatment there. Once, when he was already in the family, he got a high temperature. After long and expensive examination it turned out that the boy suffers from toxoplasmosis (an infection that he got from his mother during her pregnancy because she did not get the proper treatment). The worst thing was that the infection hit the boy’s brain, so the treatment had to be directed not only at the infection itself, but its consequences as well.

In March of this year, Elena Vitalievna had another pleasant event: she adopted Dasha, a sweet and shy princess, who was left without parents when she was 10. Rudeness, drunkenness, curses - the little girl has already been through all these. The girl's mother during pregnancy was sick with various diseases, and, unfortunately, "shared" those with Dasha. Her mother did not care about the girl's treatment, the situation worsened. Dasha’s treatment started only after Elena Vitalievna took the girl to her family.

To adopt two children is a very serious decision. Education of adopted children is a hard job. And when the children are seriously ill, in need of continuous treatment - it is really hard! Both for Elena Vitalievna, and for the kids. It is hard morally, physically and financially.

But Elena Vitalievna does not give up! She is struggling to recover the health of her children! But the fight it hard. But we can help this courageous woman in her difficult struggle! Now, in order to complete the course of treatment of the children 7,600 hryvnyas (around $940) are needed for examinations and medicine.

Elena Vitalievna, Oleg and Dasha are hoping for your understanding and support. Indeed, they have everything to be happy but the main thing is health. We appeal to all who care, and ask to collect the amount required to purchase medicine and pay for examinations and the work of a psychologist.

P. S. Now Dasha has complicated age, her life has finally begun come to normal, she has new friends and the girl does not want make her story public. Therefore, we do not place her pictures and hope for your understanding in this matter.

The family of Elena Vitalievna lives in Zaporozhye.

Her phone number is +38 050 24 08 983

For further information please contact the volunteers of “The Happy Child” Foundation

The fund-raising campaign is closed.

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Ivan Babich
Ivan Babich

Sensorineural deafness ІV degree

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