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Pavel Telegiy, born in 2007 – Embryonic Rhabdomyosarcoma of the Nasopharynx

January 17, 2012, 11:00 4290 Author: Aline Senyuk, Iryna Gavrysheva, translated by Anya Gvozdyeva www.deti.zp.ua Pavel passed away in August 2012. He really fought for his life. Thank you for your support!

Pavel Telegiy, born on 19/03/2007

Diagnosis: embryonic rhabdomyosarcoma of the nasopharynx; expanding into the cranial cavity, cranial bones, stage 3, clinical group 2 (curable).

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Pavel passed away in August 2012. He really fought for his life. Thank you for your support!

God has given two people who love each other a gift – little boy Pavel. Soft skin, dark eyes, cheerful delightful smile, his first words - “Mum” and “Dad”. Life was full of joy! But it wasn’t long before horrible reality hit them.

Pavel is four years old but he’s already undergone 3 operations. At first, there were no warning signs. Pavel has had his adenoids taken out. But then his condition started to deteriorate: he became blind, motion coordination was affected, he couldn’t walk… No one knew what was wrong with the boy. Only after a consultation in Kiev, at a National Cancer Institute, did they get a terrible diagnosis, – he has rhabdomyosarcoma (malignant tumour) of the nasopharynx, ingrowing into the brain. The diagnosis was a total shock for them, as everything started with harmless adenoids!!!

Difficult treatment commenced straight away in Kiev. By now Pavel has had 3 courses of chemotherapy, which were a constant struggle. The tumour is very aggressive, so it requires “hard-core” chemo. Right now a full assessment and consultation in Moscow is needed to determine whether the treatment was effective. The issue is that the family, who so far has been paying the treatment out of their own pocket, cannot afford the trip to Moscow and the consultation. But Pavel requires the results of his treatment to be assessed soon, and for a new treatment plan to be developed. The illness should not get any extra time to develop. Gaps in treatment are dangerous, so is the inadequate therapy!

Therefore, we’re reaching out to you to ask you for help for Pavel’s family. His parents are fighting for their beloved son’s life. Pavel himself is taking a difficult treatment with courage. We don’t need to fight or endure anything like what they’re going through, we must support this family just a little bit.

The family lives in the Zaporozhye district of the Zaporozhye region.

Mother’s phone number (Tatyana Mikhailovna): +38 067 964 08 50

Father’s phone number (Vasily Vasiliyevich): +38 066 190 33 33

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January-February, 2012: 3,200 hryvnyas (397 US dollars)

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Reports of Donations Spent

January-February, 2012: 3,200 hryvnyas (397 US dollars) – buying some chemotherapy medicine

March-May, 2012: 10,022 hryvnyas (1,246 US dollars) – chemotherapy, clotting factors concentrates, antibiotics.

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