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Julia Kovdrya: “Thanks a lot to everyone who helped my heart to go on beating”

February 17, 2012, 18:00 3014 Author: Iryna Gavrysheva, translated by Daria Sukach www.deti.zp.ua Julia Kovdrya’s family and all the members of the “Happy Child” foundation are deeply grateful to everyone who supported this young girl! Many thanks to everyone who gave Julia a chance to LIVE!

To tell you the truth, I had mixed feelings when my mobile rang on the 6th of August 2011 and I heard the story of Julia Kovdrya. The girl in need was not a child anymore and the sum required was huge…well, I had too many doubts whether we should try to help her at all…But on the other hand I was aware of the fact that if we said “No” this vibrant young girl might die. So, inspired with desperate hope for a miracle we started the fund-raising campaign for Julia Kovdrya. And this miracle we longed for came true! Thanks to you, our kind-hearted donors, the money was collected. And the life-saving cardioverter-defibrillator was purchased. And what’s more, it’s already implanted. And Julia’s heart keeps on beating…

Julia Kovdrya: “I arrived in Kyiv in the morning of the 16th of December. At the same day I was admitted to the hospital and took some tests. And already on the 17th of December in the evening at around 18.00 I was taken for surgery that lasted for almost 1,5 hours. I was conscious during the surgery and a surgeon together with an anaesthesiologist were telling me funny jokes. It was the funniest surgery I ever had in my life. I went back to my ward on my own accompanied by an anaesthesiologist (probably because the elevator was out of order or I was already allowed to walk). My ward mates turned out to be great people. Despite the fact that we all had some serious cardiac problems, we joked, told each other anecdotes and laughed. Our ward was probably the most positive. The following morning I was already discharged from the hospital. And on the 20th of December I was finally back home”.

And for two weeks already Julia and her family have been free of fear. They are not afraid of Julia’s sudden heart stop. Just imagine what a miracle this is! A miracle that came true thanks to you, our dear readers and donors!

Julia Kovdrya: “Thank you for your prompt response to my problem, thank you for making my life longer. Now I know now that no matter what kind of challenges I will face, you should never give up, you should struggle! Even if it seems totally impossible! Our life is the most precious and valuable gift we have. And I have realized that people should never stay indifferent to someone else’s problem since they can never know what might happen to them tomorrow. Stretch out a hand to help someone in need and be sure, someone’s helping hand will hold you when you fall”.

Julia, her family and the employees and volunteers of the “Happy Child” charity foundation are honestly grateful to everyone who has supported Julia! Thanks to all of you who supported this young girl financially, by spreading the information and prayers. Thanks to you Julia’s heart is happily beating today!

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