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“I Want to Be…” Project: A Tree on the Windowsill and the First Swallow

March 5, 2012, 12:00 3249 Author: Anton Bondarenko, translated by Anna Oliynyk blog.klubok.org.ua The friend of our Foundation, a professional traveler Sergey Gordiyenko met children from Kharkov-based Lestvitsa School within the framework of our "I Want to Be…” Project

Several years ago there was a simple soil-filled pot standing on the windowsill of one of the Khrushev-era apartments. It was just standing there, with nothing growing in it, as the people who lived there had a lot of other pots with flowers they took care of. But once they dug a hole and threw a weed into this pot. Then they watered it and after a while they saw a little sprout appear, and everybody was so glad to see it. The sprout was growing and getting stronger. Later on the first green leaves appeared. And at last there were the fruits. As soon as the fruits ripened, people gathered and handed them round.

Now the sprout became a tree. It brings fruit regularly and is strong enough, and that's because now not only two persons take care of it, but a group of like-minded fellows. And what is the most important thing – now it is time to change the pot for a bigger one.

It was the introduction.

One of the areas of activities of the Happy Child Foundation is organizing tourist trips, tours, and exciting excursions for children. We have gained enough experience and how have a burning desire to do what we do for children in the Zaporozhye region in other regions of our country as well. At the end of the last year the Klubok project had its start. Its main idea is searching for and uniting like-minded people to organize tours and motivational activities for children from various regions of Ukraine. Klubok is a community of people thinking in one direction.

The first swallow was the activity arranged in Kharkov. The friend of our Foundation, a professional traveler Sergey Gordiyenko met children from Kharkov-based Lestvitsa School within the framework of our “I Want to Be…” Project. Let me remind you that Sergey Gordiyenko has already held a similar meeting with the children from Zaporozhye-based orphanages in November last year. We told about this meeting in the article: Sergey Gordiyenko: The Major Mystery on Earth are You and I!

Now the professional traveler and probably the only person in the world who covered the distance equal to four equators of our planet is on the third stage of the expedition he is going to carry out on his own, Solotransglobal “Eastern Europe: Sea of Azov – Arctic Basin – Sea of Azov”, dedicated to 100-year anniversary of the first Russian expedition to the North Pole with captain Georgiy Sedov (in case you are curious, you can get more information here).

I think that the pictures will tell about this meeting in more colors.

I will only add that the children aged 9 to 12 deeply impressed us with their curiosity and knowledge.

For example, when telling about his trip to the North Africa made on foot, Sergey Gordiyenko asked a question: “Guys, do you know who is a genet?” To be honest, I had no idea, but one of the children gave the right answer. And what about you, do you know? Well, you can get the answer in the Wikipedia or at the end of this post.)))

And apart from this during one of the events attended by tourists the Klubok Project was presented. So maybe in the near future someone will catch up and will organize something for the children in Kharkov.

If you decide to join us after reading this post, you are welcome to e-mail info@klubok.org.ua.

GENET is a mammal reminding a cat and acting like a ferret. It looks like a cat due to its eyes, having the same pupil, which turns into a narrow vertical line when the light is bright. The diet is also very alike – genets are brilliant hunters, they hunt for rats, mice, and other rodents as well as birds.

When a genet goes hunting, it looks like an exotic lizard: its long and narrow body, twisting and almost sliding, freezes in the weirdest positions. At the same time the animal does not make a sound. The only thing is that it is not so easy to witness the hunting process as genets are night animals.

In Africa genets live with people as pets. They hunt for rats and mice in the house and other household structures. They are very friendly and let people stroke them and play with them.

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