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Forget-Me-Not Friday: Tania At Orphanage 50.

April 10, 2012, 19:00 3683 Author: Jane George textgeorge.blogspot.co.uk I adore Tania, I was so happy to meet her. The picture below was in my bag, I had prayed over it wanting to find her so badly

The information on Reece's Rainbow told me...

Girl, born August 2002.

She is said to be independent and active, and she especially loves to swing. She is shy with other children, and seeks attention from adults, cuddling up when hugs and affection are available.

Bobby's institution, orphanage 50 on Reece's Rainbow... it's remote, the sort of remote that you can't get your head around until you visit! I grew up within the Black Mountains, on the Welsh borders, miles from the nearest house, miles from the nearest shop, miles from the only bus-stop with just one bus a week travelling past. I thought I understood remote...I didn't!

The Tania I met was a feisty but incredibly vulnerable little star. She was so excited when I walked into her room. Immediately seeking me out, she was keen to stay close, I felt I had been claimed as hers from the minute I stepped through the door. This for sure was one child desperate to be the centre of somebody's world. This was a little girl desperate for a Mama...simple as that!

She was a lovable little firecracker. A ready smile, a ready giggle, desperate for hugs, touch and attention. She set up camp around me, demanding no other gain my attention, even bashing a few children on the head when they got too close. Although a few children ended up floored by her I did not feel at all that she was an aggressive child, you could just tell she was simply DESPERATE to have me to herself and was trying any way she could think of to make that happen. I adored her, I could see how much she would shine with a family of her own. This seemed to be a little girl ready to grab life if only she could get a chance. Her desperate longing, played out in her fighting defensiveness of her time with me, was simply heartbreaking.

Her vulnerability, obvious from the start became magnified when the caregiver within the room moved her away from me to have her photo taken with two other children. She was positioned 'just so', her arm wrapped around her friend's shoulder, a happy pose but her face said it all! Her face crumbling into tears because she had been moved away from me. Her compliance to the caregiver's orders accompanied with her wobbling mouth, painfully desperate to see.

She was so relieved to get back to my side but rather annoyed I was also sharing my space with Katrina. My tickle game, smiles and cuddles had to be shared out equally to keep her happy. I loved this little girl by my side in that loveless room within the institution.

Tania, a little girl with a bursting heart, a vulnerable soul and a spirit full of potential. Where is her Mama?

Are YOU her Mama?

To visit Tania's Reece's Rainbow profile, to see more or to donate into her fund to support a family to adopt her then visit here.

Also consider supporting The Happy Child Foundation's project to build a second small group home at Tania's institution. This second home will house girls and Tania could very well be one of them! That would transform her life! To see my post about the boys home already built visit here or visit the foundations webpage here to read articles about their work. To donate to the Happy Child Foundation's work visit Eleanore's Kids here and specify your donation is for the 'girls house-build at Bobby's institution'.

Please support Tania....a little girl waiting, waiting, waiting.

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