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Bogdan Ignatenko, born in 1993 - concomitant injuries, left thigh amputation

April 11, 2012, 12:05 5223 Author: Yana Sasina, translated by Daria Sukach deti.zp.ua The fund-raising campaign is closed. Since the family does not send us any donation updates, and thus, breaks our rules, we currently have to close the raising campaign

Bogdan Ignatenko, born on the sixth of October 1993

Diagnosis: Concomitant injuries: segmental femur fracture with damaged vascular bundle, smashed soft tissues, open segmental pelvis fracture with pelvis ring damage. Traumatic hemorrhagic shock of the second stage. The current health condition: left thigh amputation. Crush syndrome with renal failure of anuria. Chronic hepatitis B.

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ATTENTION (19.10.2012).:

The fund-raising campaign is closed. Since the family does not send us any donation updates, and thus, breaks our rules, we currently have to close the raising campaign.


It’s already three years since Bogdan Ignatenko “celebrated Groundhog Day”. This 18-year-old lad has to spend his life within the four walls of his flat all day long. His daily routine is mostly focused in the kitchen, his room in front of the laptop, and the living room where he watches TV and that’s it. The last time Bogdan went outside was in October on his birthday. Or, to say more precisely, he had a little wheelchair stroll with his friends along a nearby gully.

- He simply feels ashamed of his disability, - sighs Bogdan’s mother Iryna sadly. Our young neighbor is also missing a leg. Nevertheless he takes it easy and even works as a salesman nearby. But Bogdan does not even want to think of something like that.

Bogdan looks down sadly. His greatest wish is to work and support his mom and younger sister. The heartbreaking fact is that Bogdan got so many injuries during his part-time job at a construction site. He accidentally fell from the relatively low height of one story. There are a great number of stories about “lucky ones” who fell from the windows of multistory buildings and stayed safe and sound. But Bogdan’s fall was not that lucky – Bogdan’s left leg was crushed by a concrete slab. Although Bogdan has had to overcome many difficulties he has quite an optimistic outlook on life. The young man feels grateful to God and the people who have saved his life.

- As soon as he opened his eyes after 15-days coma, he said right away that he would like to enter the Kyiv theological seminary, - his mother tells us. But I believe that he would be better entering the correspondent department of the metallurgical college. This May he will graduate from the railway vocational school. After the college graduation I will help him get a job at a depot. I am not going to live forever, so he will have to earn his living independently.

Bogdan’s mother Iryna used to work at the railway station. Today she has to devote 24 hours a day to looking after her son. Bogdan’s state benefit of 400 hryvnyas (49 US dollars) a month does not cover all the treatment expenses that usually amount to 3,000 hryvnyas (372 US dollars). Luckily, Bogdan’s older brother Vladislav, who works at the Zaporizhstal factory, supports the family. Iryna got divorced from her husband a long time ago and, as a consequence, she’s bringing up her two younger children all alone.

The greatest two issues Bogdan has to solve as soon as possible are where to get money for the artificial limb and how to get rid of the chronic hepatitis B the young man got during his treatment. Thanks to “Bicyclolum” which Bogdan has to take regularly in order to strengthen his weakened immune system, he’s feeling all right. But as soon as the medicine is finished his condition worsens. According to Bogdan’s mother his latest blood tests from the Zaporizhzhia hepatitis center have been sent to America. When the test results are back the local physicians will be able to correct Bogdan’s treatment.

Bogdan’s biggest dream is to get his artificial limb and walk on his own. The situation is worsened by the fact that Bogdan was on dialysis for a long time (due to the infection his kidneys failed him) and, thus, his pelvis bones have not knitted properly. His right leg and his left hand do not function well. Bogdan does not give up though, but regularly does some physical exercises and massage.

- Bogdan’s computer is his best trainer, - laughs Bogdan’s mother. – He is always glued to the computer for hours!

- I wish I could have the artificial limb as soon as possible and return to taking part in sport, - this reveals to us the dream of this silent and reserved young man. Before the accident Bogdan used to do freestyle wrestling.

- I saw many online videos of sportsmen with artificial limbs. I think I will be able to do it too. I’ve been keen on sports since my school years.

This dream has its price though – around 6,538 US dollars. This sum of money will cover the cost of the artificial knee with the joint and foot in the Kyiv Center. In addition to the treatment expenses, Bogdan needs some money for two-weeks staying, medical examination and further rehabilitation in the Ukrainian capital.

- We had to spend a lot of money just getting around in Kyiv when we last went for a medical consultation. The Ukrainian underground is totally unsuitable for wheelchair users, - admits Iryna sadly. So, we had to take the taxi. There is a hotel next to the Medical Center but we cannot afford to pay 600 hryvnyas (that’s around 74 US dollars) per day.

Bogdan and his mother are grateful to everyone who has kindly responded to their difficult situation and supported them financially. Bogdan currently has 21, 000 hryvnyas (that’s around 2,611 US dollars) in his bank account. The first step towards Bogdan’s new life has already been made. Let’s hope that Bogdan will be able to enjoy this summer out of his wheelchair.

Video subtitles:

Bogdan: At first I could not even feel or move my fingers.

Iryna, Bogdan’s mom: It’s already three years since the accident. We are not able to cope with it alone anymore. Help us, please!

The Ignatekno family lives in Zaporizhzhia.

The cell phone of Bogdan’s mother Iryna - +3 8 0993798713

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