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Three year old twins Maxim and Denis remain in the grips of leukemia. The brave little boys hope for your support!

April 22, 2012, 11:00 2992 Author: Misha Statkevich, translated by Daria Sukach www.donor.org.ua Andrey and Natasha are asking you to keep their little sons in your prayers. The family has already remained in Italy for two long years. They really need your support now!

These little sweet twin brothers are grateful to God and everyone of you who’s been supporting them. Even though they’re like two peas in a pod, they’ve been suffering differently. Denis will have to take another round of bone marrow transplantation, whereas Maxim will be thoroughly monitored.

Here’s a letter from the brothers’ parents:

“On April the 5th our boys celebrated their third birthday. Local volunteers visited Maxim and Denis in the hospital and gave a party with a table of sweets and presents and greetings. Sisters Patricia and Alexandra also visited our children, so the birthday party went well. Thanks to God, Maxim and Denis do not know or understand what lies ahead.

On April the 4th we had a conversation with our transplant doctor. He recommends another bone marrow transplant for Dennis. The donor search process has already been started. This week they will puncture Dennis and withdraw bone marrow. The results will determine whether his chemotherapy will be taken as tablets or given by intravenous drip. According to the peripheral blood tests 70% of Denis’ cells have returned which unfortunately means return of leukemia. Maxim’s blood tests show only 10% of his cells thus he will be carefully monitored. Doctor Chesaro believes that Maxim should stay in the Italian clinic for at least a year.

So, these are the doctors’ plans. We’re again where we were a year ago; restarting everything….. We are really hoping for your prayers, and your moral and financial support. We truly believe that with God’s mercy our boys will finally recover.

Yours sincerely,

Natasha and Andrey.

The brothers’ parents also told us on the phone that Denis has been running a fever and has become really thin, languid and sad. The Italian doctors hope for 50% success chance of the next bone marrow transplantation. They have been currently searching for a donor.

Natasha and Andrey are asking you to keep their precious little sons in your prayers. They really hope that the second transplantation will turn out to be effective for Denis and Maxim will not need any more surgeries.

Since the Makiyevy family has been staying in Italy for two years already, they really need your financial support!

You can find the bank transferring details at the “help appeal page” of the twins.

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