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“Katran” - Buy Tickets and Get the Emotions of Happiness!

May 14, 2012, 16:05 3940 Author: Yulia Akhtman, translated by Maria Brygar www.klubok.org.ua To diversify students' spring holidays the administration of the “Katran” ice rink together with the “Happy Child”, invited students of Matveevka Orphanage, as well as foster children and large families to spend an unforgettable time

To diversify the students' spring holidays the administration of the “Katran” ice rink together with the “Happy Child” Charity Foundation, invited students of Matveevka Orphanage, as well as foster children and large families of Primorsky district of Elizavetovka village to spend an unforgettable time at the ice rink arena.

Photos of Sergey Chepurnov and Yulia Akhtman

Taking care of the young guests the “Katran” staff gave ice skates and keys to the locker rooms to every child, leaving enough time for them to ride, as much as they can.

"Both little and adult fans of figure skating visit “Katran”. Therefore, we have provided everything you need to make our visitors feel comfortable, and most importantly - to feel safe on the ice“, - said the administration of the ice rink.

It is great that there are people who remain not indifferent to the children deprived of many public benefits. Indeed, thanks to organizations such as the “Katran”, as well as others, previously mentioned on our website, city and area businesses, students of boarding schools, children from foster, large and poor families get an incredible amount of positive emotions and pleasant memorable experience.

For example, how often have we thought about that for most guys it's not just a desire to get to the rink, but a cherished childhood dream?

Almost every child fell, but immediately got up and went on learning the art of sliding on the ice. All the children were laughing, joking, and some of them even managed to play “Tag”.

There are not so many large and, especially low-income families whose budget allows taking a child to the rink. For many parents, sadly, the pleasure is not the cheapest.

While skating at the “Katran” every child was able to "try on" the role of a skater! Also, this graceful form of recreation "participated" in the development of motor-skeletal system of the child's body. It was nice to watch the children's faces appearing genuine emotion of joy.

“Katran” is not only a rental skates, protective equipment, services instructors, but also a real gift for children, a charge of positive emotions and good memories. We left the rink, hoping to return again in the future.

From April 18th, ice skating rink is closed until the end of August 2012. We recommend all lovers of outdoor activities to visit the “Katran”, as this entertainment center can be safely called a place where you buy tickets and get a positive mood and joyous experience!

The “Happy Child” Charity Foundation thanks the administration of the “Katran” ice rink and wishes good luck and a lot of visitors!

Everyone can help children to see the world providing all possible support for tourism program fund. You can deliver the food needed in the campaign (cereals, canned goods), or make a feasible donation in the way convenient for you.

The employees of the “Klubok” will be glad to answer all your questions.

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