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Vladislava Taran, born in 1996 - acute lymphoblastic leukemia

May 17, 2012, 18:30 5935 Author: Alina Senjuk, translated by Daria Sukach www.deti.zp.ua After her great fight for life Vladislava passed away September 3rd

Vladislava Taran, born on the 24th of February 1996

Diagnosis: Acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

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After her great fight for life Vladislava passed away September 3rd...

Many low-income families live under tough conditions even if they don’t have special needs members.

The situation of the Taran family is especially critical these days. Mom Oksana and her older daughter are both severely disabled. Moreover, their younger daughter Vladislava has been recently diagnosed with acute leukemia. Therefore, dad Sergey is the only person who always has to rush around visiting his younger daughter in the Regional Zaporizhzhia Hospital and then hurry home to Melitopol. Such 117 km (72 miles) trip usually requires around two hours by bus. The Taran family lives in a tiny dormitory room what makes the life of two family members with special needs rather challenging. The local government had to provide the Taran family with a flat a long time ago but they always have obstacles to fulfill their promise. Sergey is the one who works but his salary and the disability grant money of his wife and older daughter is hardly sufficient to buy enough food let alone the medicine and treatment courses. At the end of April 2012 the family faced another blow – their younger daughter Vladislava was diagnosed with leukemia. Sergey was close to despair and giving up but found enough strength to realize that he is the only one who can and must save his family.

Vladislava is currently taking her first chemotherapy course in the hematology department in the Regional Zaporizhzhia Children’s Hospital. Dad’s main mission now is to find money for Vladislava’s treatment. No one can even predict how much money the Taran family will need. The treatment cost depends on Vladislava’s condition after she completes her first chemo round. Each chemo therapy course requires some supportive drugs, catheters and other materials the girl’s parents will have to buy at their own expense since the hospital is not sufficiently financed by the government. In addition, Sergey needs some money for his transportation expenses in Zaporizhzhia and Melitopol.

Sergey is deeply concerned and is completely aware of the fact that he won’t make it without your support, our dear readers!

Vladislava is a talented young lady. She’s finishing her ninth grade. She surely had her plans for the future, a future she now keeps silent about… Her greatest goal today is to stay alive…

We’re appealing to everyone who’s reading this article. Let’s help Vladislava to overcome this pinched battle against leukemia! The Taran family urgently needs at least 400 US dollars!

The family lives in Melitopol (the Zaporizhzhia region)

The cell phone of Vladislava’s father Sergey: +38 067 591 84 35

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June, 2012: 1,900 hryvnyas (234 US dollars) - for medicine and examination

July, 2012: 9,403 hryvnyas (1,157 US dollars) - for medicine, hygiene items, fare expenses

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