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The Makiev Twins – Forward only, Not one step back!

June 27, 2012, 13:30 2336 Author: Iryna Gavrysheva, translated by Maria Romanko www.deti.zp.ua This family needs our support. Together we can save the boys!

Our hearts always go out to the heroes of our articles. Each of them has own story, own tragedy… However some stories are especially touching. They evoke one thought: How can anyone bear all this?! Here is the story of the kind – about the Makiev Family.

Maxim and Denis are the twin brothers. They have the same birth date, the same looks and… they share the same terrible diagnosis – juvenile myeloleukemia. This oncological disease is treated only by bone marrow transplantation but none of the boys’ relatives matched as donors. It means their chance to live can be abroad only. But this chance is too costly even for one of them… and here the transplantation is vitally necessary for both kids! I cannot imagine how their parents could survive the news! How they didn’t lose their heads, mobilized their efforts and found the way to go to Italy for the treatment. Glory be to God, some people helped them with advice and support and The LifeLine Fund paid for TWO bone marrow transplantations – one for each of the boys. Everything was OK. And then…

Unfortunately, both children got rejection of the bone marrow. The doctors did whatever they could to stop the process. As a result, Maxim’s state was stabilized but it was different for Denis: his transplant rejection process was irreversible. And the disease came back. The only chance for him to live now is to have one more transplantation.

Denis and Maxim spent the biggest part of their lives in hospitals - doing medical procedures and… struggling to survive. It has been a year since the Makiev family (mom, dad and the twins) left for Italy – a foreign country far from home. The Fund paid for the boys’ treatment but the living expenses are to be covered by the family members themselves. But where to get the money?! In the home country they left an older daughter with their retired granny. Andrey, the father of the children, can’t leave Italy as one of the parents has to be at home with Maxim while Denis is in the hospital with the other one. Andrey would happily work in Italy to provide for the family but he cannot – the condition of his sons does not allow him to be away for a long time yet, and also his visa doesn’t give him right to work. According to the agreement with The LifeLine Fund the parents must observe the law, and the illegal work violates it. The results can be sad: Andrey’s deportation and children, deprived of LifeLine financial support for treatment. The bet is too big to take the risk… But where can they get money for a living?! This is the reason why the Makiev family once again turns to the people who are not indifferent.

The doctors are constantly supervising the children’s health condition. Maxim undergoes medical tests while Denis is waiting for a new donor. The transplantation is scheduled supposedly for July-August. While waiting for it the child takes chemo drugs and gets blood transfusions once in a while. Andrey says: “We go to the clinics 1-2 times a week. The rest of the time we spend “at home” because either it’s rainy, or there is an earthquake, or the sun is too strong and this is bad for Denis since he takes the chemo treatment. The kids are tired of being confined inside. Like birds, they want freedom. Unfortunately they are deprived of this. We pray to God for the boys to recover soon.”

According to the Italian doctors, the boys should stay in Italy for one more year. The supervision is necessary to make sure there is no rejection or complications after such a serious surgery as bone marrow transplantation. So for the whole year the family should pay for rent, transportation, buy food and clothes for the little ones who grow fast. The experience shows it will cost 12 to 15 thousand euros (that’s around 15,000-18,000 US dollars). Andrey does what he can. He created a group on Vkontakte.ru and seeks our help. And he also hopes he can rely on us. As he has nobody else to rely on…

We sincerely ask our sponsors to support the Makiev Family – spiritually, financially or just by keeping them in your prayers! They have gone such a long and difficult way but they don’t surrender despite anything! For them to win we need to gather our efforts! Without our help the lives of the little twins won’t be saved!

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