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Elena Shulga and her 10-year-old son Mihail: childhood autism, chronic relapsing pancreatitis

July 16, 2012, 12:30 5164 Author: Olga Vovk, translated by Maria Romanko www.deti.zp.ua The fund-raising campaign is closed. The child has received the financial support

Shulga Elena - born on 21.11.1981, Shulga Mihail - born on 13.06.2002

Mother’s diagnosis: Gluten enteropathy, chronic relapsing pancreatitis.

Child’s diagnosis: Childhood autism, celiac disease.

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ATTENTION (05.10.2012).:

The fund-raising campaign is closed. The child has received the financial support


The other day a granny with a boy came to our fund. At a glance he was an ordinary child, but our further communication proved the opposite. Seeing a piano in the hall the boy at once told the country it was made in and asked for the permission to have a more detailed look at it. His granny was confused and wanted Misha (this is the way Mihail is called at home) to follow her but he already soaked himself in music and seemed to be far away from there. One by one the fund’s employees were coming out to admire the talented child. Despite his young age and a rare psycho-neurological diagnosis, Misha is a brilliant and gifted boy: he reads a lot of scientific literature, learns history, shows interest in radio mechanics and marketing, takes singing and piano classes.

Meantime Raziya Yakubovna (the granny) told us the story of her family. Her daughter Elena (Misha’s mom) has gluten enteropathy. This is the state when a body doesn’t accept gluten – the protein that is present in almost all grains. The consuming of this protein causes damage to the mucous membrane of the bowels: their functions worsen and the food nutrients and vitamins stop being absorbed. As a result the whole body suffers. Unfortunately this is what Elena has. At the age of 31 she has a bunch of various diseases: chronic sepsis, immunodeficiency state, dysbacteriosis of the bowels, chronic pancreatitis, chronic cystitis, chronic pyelonephritis, secondary enteritis, chronic duodenitis, reactive hepatitis. Besides, after Caesarean section during the childbirth 10 years ago Elena got intestinal adhesion (when scar tissue binds anatomic surfaces that normally are separate from each other, thus causing intestinal obstruction).

All this needs constant supervision and treatment. People with gluten intolerance need a strict diet and special non-gluten nutrition. Otherwise the patient’s condition worsens steadily. Regretfully, the family’s income cannot cover the costs of the needed nutrition and medication for Elena. Not to say about Misha – that very boy, enchanted with the piano in the hall of our office. Misha suffers from autism. The boy needs constant supervision and care. For him to adapt to this world he needs some attention of professionals in this area.

Well, the situation in the family is not easy at all. Elena’s husband left them 4 years ago. The alimony and the disability benefit for Misha is not enough not only for the treatment of both Elena and her son, but they hardly make ends meet. Raziya Yakubovna told that Elena was banned from getting disability benefit herself. According to the Pensionary fund, there is a one-benefit-per-family rule that is valid even when there are two or more disabled members in the family.

Raziya Yakubovna is a widow. She is retired and gets a little bit more than 1,000 hrivnyas of pension (130 US dollars) that is used to pay out 2 bank loans. One of them was taken long ago, in 2008 to pay for Elena’s surgery to eliminate intestinal adhesion. The adhesion came back anyway, every day causing extreme pain to Elena. And now the debt to the bank is not less trouble…

These ordeals have made the family really closely-knit. Three of them are ready to fight till the very end, they believe in the victory and in the healthy future for their loved ones. Misha has a cherished dream. He talks about it with his granny all the time, he prays about it and revealed it to us too. “I wish my mom stopped being sick and recovered. We would be so happy then! I don’t want her to be ill!”

Our dear sponsors, we join this family in their request for help! The family needs around 800 US dollars for their every day treatment. They have nobody to turn to but they need help and support. Don’t leave them alone face to face with the misfortunes!

The family lives in Zaporizhzhia.

Here is the mobile phone number of Raziya Yakubovna, the grandmother: +38 097 618 34 98.

For further information please contact the volunteers of “The Happy Child” Foundation

The fund-raising campaign is closed.

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